Back to School: Minty Fresh

Good evening!!

Welcome to the second "Back to School" post of the series. There will be two more coming soon as well! As I'm sure you all remember I was in the last post "Punch of Purple", but this time is special. It's not me you'll see in these photos, it'll be the wonder-girl that is always behind the camera... Molly! Yes, that's correct! The one that takes amazing pictures will be the model for today!!

I was SO excited to shoot her because she has such great taste and always has very fun outfits. Her favorite stores are J.Crew, Forever 21, Anthropology and Brandy Melville. How I would describe her style is very bright "anthro"-like with a touch of preppy. Molly, like myself, loves to take risks as well! This morning I was helping her pick an outfit that would be suitable for today's post and when I suggested the first option she replied, "I think that's a little safe, give me something with a little crazy." What a gal right?! So, as you scroll down take a look at this combination of two of my favorite things; spearmint green and cheetah. For those of you readers that love cheetah or animal print as well click Here! Take a glimpse at this back to school look!!

Molly was wearing spearmint skinny jeans from Bebe. A striped shirt of the same color realm and the cheetah vest from Forever 21. Her pink patent leather skinny belt is from J. Crew. And finally, the black studded combat boots are by Wanted.

Some might say this doesn't go because of the colors and the different patterns, but in fact it does. Since the base outfit (shirt and jeans) is of the same color it can be classified as monochromatic. The stripes give the outfit texture and the cheetah vest gives it a twist. Of course, if one wanted to just wear the base outfit that would be okay too, but I think the vest not only brings in an edge but brings it together! The belt of course is another pop of color and adds shape, cinching Molly at the waist. I love this combo and I look forward to trying this in the fall!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I had so much fun turning the lens around on Molly! She has been so incredible and the blog would be nothing without her ideas, dedication and talent! Stay tuned for more within the next couple of days! Next week I will be announcing the official "blog day" for the school year! Thank you all for reading :)

Greyfully Yours,