Back to School: A Punch of Purple

Greetings All!!

I feel like it has been so long since I last posted! Hard to believe it's only been a week. I was on vacation down the Cape visiting my grandparents for the last couple of days. It was so amazing to spend time with them and such a perfect way to end my summer. :)

With that said, we're all getting ready to go back to school and fall is approaching. Fall is by far my favorite season. I think it's the beautiful colors that emerge at this time of year and the air is so beautiful that make it so special for me.  I also love the fashion at this time of year with all of the layering and classic styles. So, with going back to school come new clothes or just digging out the stuff you wore last year!! Of course, it isn't cold yet and certainly not weather for heaps of layers, so todays outfit is for those days that are too hot to wear a sweater but cool enough to wear cute jeans. September is right on the brink between summer and fall so I chose to bring out my bright purple skinnies to carry the vibrant feel of summer into the school year because going to school isn't everyones' favorite activity.

This look is simple and easy but still looks put together. I would definitely wear this either the first day of school, if you're going to lunch with a friend or you can dress it up for night-time! The blouse has "tails" like a tuxedo jacket so it brings in a formal element to make the look not-so-casual. We had some fun with this shoot so don't mind me climbing all over the jungle gym!

Here we go!!

 White blouse; Forever 21. Purple toothpick skinny jeans; J. Crew. Cheetah flats; Libby Edelman. Paperclip necklace; Forever 21.

For my make-up I kept it pretty simple with my face make-up and same with the eyes. Just a little taupe in my crease for dimension. For my lips I love bold colors so I chose this plum berry color by Milani.

I hope you enjoyed this look, more to come for back to school very soon!! Keep reading :) Thank you

Greyfully Yours,