Lovin' the Skin You're In

Okay, okay, before I get started I just would like to state that I love make-up. I absolutely am infatuated with it. One of my favorite things to do is to sit on YouTube and watch endless make-up tutorials. I must have watched hundreds just on the delicate skills of creating smokey eyes alone. But, with all of my obsession over make-up comes with some background on my relationship with it.

I had a really awkward period when I was younger. I'd like to think that I am no longer in my awkward period... but truth be told, I'll probably never leave the era of my awkwardness. When I was in junior high I never wore make-up. Maybe a little blush here and there (probably too much if you ask my mother), but I was never really wearing it, it always wore me. Laugh out loud. So, up until about tenth grade, I never really explored that side of feminism. Which was great because I never really got acne during that royal awkward period... I wish I had though because for some reason I feel like all of that is catching up with me now. In the last couple of years I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin. And to be honest, that's probably the one thing that I'm very self conscious about. Hence why I have developed a love affair with the beauty section of every convenience store or cosmetic area of a mall. As I became more familiar with make-up and I kept applying it, my skin changed.

At first, I would cake on make up. And when I say cake, I mean chocolate because my foundation for sure did NOT match my skin tone. Then I learned the value of concealer and powder and bronzer and contouring and highlighting... the list is endless. Every breakout I saw, I corrected (and sometimes made worse) with concealer. My skin has gotten so bad just from all of the products, and of course stress level during school, that I recently took my first ever experience to the dermatologist. Yeah, that's right, my first ever experience. I was picturing a metal table with lots of sharp objects on it that look like what's used in a horror movie. I thought I'd be seeing a cruel, self-confidence demolishing doctor who would tell me all of the things I've done wrong to my skin. And my biggest fear was how I would react to medicine and if I would have to give up my precious make-up collection. So, that's how it went and I went under the knife and received my first ever face transplant.

Kidding! It wasn't any of that! My doctor was really nice and gave me awesome tips on how to take care of my skin and how to diminish my acne. That was information I needed! I never knew how to take care of my skin, truthfully. I would put make-up on and take it off and wash it quickly, thinking everything was gone. Since I have seen my dermatologist, I am on a couple of topical cremes etc., but my skin has dramatically changed already! Of course, it will take diligence and time to get it clear and the way I would really like it to be, but I'm so glad I don't have to wait until then to know that I should love the skin I am in no matter what. I've learned that concealer isn't the end all, be all. Sometimes, covering up something you're ashamed of is not the best option. Whether it's the freshman fifteen (which I also take ownership of too) or braces, acne, glasses or what have you, don't let those be reasons for not loving yourself! One of the worst feelings in the world is not feeling good about one self or not feeling confident; it can ruin your day, or your week and so on. But there are ways to working towards feeling good about yourself! Go see your dermatologist, try eating healthier than usual, smile more often with those braces, or go for a nice walk on a beautiful day, seriously, just those little things can bring part of yourself back to where you want to be! Make-up isn't the answer to problems, but being proactive about yourself and your goals can lead to your solution! I'm not afraid to leave my house anymore bare-faced and you shouldn't be either because whatever skin your in is yours and it truly is beautiful.

Greyfully Yours,