Pretty in Pink

Hi Hi!

May I just say, there is just something absolutely wonderful about spending a day with one of your best friends and your sister, having fun and looking stylish. So, readers, I would like to introduce you to Annalisa. This beautiful girl is one of my closest friends and we went to high school together. She attends the University of Southern California, so yes, that is very far away from me. *Sad face* Thankfully, we have spent the entire summer together and we've had such a blast! We even started a "bucket list" (yet to be completed). Bottom line is, her and I make a great duo.

At 4"11, Annalisa has such an awesome style! She really knows how to work her small frame and can always be seen in something adorable. Whether it's her sleek running wear or a well put together skirt and shirt ensemble, she constantly looks fabulous. We both have similar style, not completely the same, but each of us love the thrill of taking risks with what we wear!

Here you can see Annalisa and I in cute dresses which also have very different styles. Her's a short beautiful light pink color with cap sleeves and a dramatic V-neck. Mine, a maxi dress (something I don't wear too often). The maxi has purples and pinks in it and has a pattern somewhat like feathers. The theme is very girly. I'd have to admit, I tend to like neutrals better or dark colors, but I couldn't resist indulging in the prettiness of pinks.

Truthfully, Annalisa is so much more beautiful in person, pictures convey just a fraction of how stunning she really is. And if there was a way to capture someones personality and whole being in just one photo, I would post it, but you'll just have to take my word for it. Nonetheless, here are some pictures from today. Once again, they were taken by my angel of a sister Molly. She is so incredibly talented, as I'm sure you can tell. My mom is responsible for the props and rustic, "anthro" feel set (another example of beautiful talent).

Take a look, I think you'll like what you see.

 On Annalisa:
Simpleton Skater Dress in light pink;
Key necklace; Juicy Couture
Alex and Ani bracelets
Hat; Roxy
Hair and make up done by yours truly!

On Me:
Feathered pink hues dress; Marshall's
Purple necklace; Best of Everything
Emerald earrings; my mother's

I hope you liked our outfits! Tomorrow there is more to come, with a totally different pair of looks! A huge thank you to Annalisa, you are an absolute natural. Thank you for letting me use you as a fellow model! I love you! And to everyone else, call your best friend and tell them you love them because we are so lucky to have such possessions in our lives. A friend is the greatest blessing. Thank you so much for reading :) Hugs and kisses!

Greyfully Yours,