The Best is Yet to Come

Hello! I want to welcome you all to my humble abode in the Blog world, also known as "When Grey Skies Are You"! My name is Kathleen and I am from Boston, Massachusetts. I have lived in the suburbs my whole life, but now I am in my Sophomore year of college in the city! Moving to go to school in Boston was an amazing opportunity and I have absolutely loved it so far! My major is Communications and Journalism with a projected minor of Theology. Boston has so much to offer. One of my favorite aspects is the fashion. Whether it is people watching on Newbury Street or noticing outfits from across campus, the city has drawn my eye (and heart) even more to style and has ignited my fiery passion for fashion.
One of my hobbies is to write, as I'm sure you've figured out. I mean, why else would I start a blog right? The other, is to shop. As Carrie Bradshaw would say, "Shopping is my cardio." So maybe I should count my love for shopping as a sport too? I wish! Other interests of mine are music, food, travel, and reading. Yes, I am a Nicholas Spark's reader; I am a typical girl, what can I say? Fun fact, I've read every single Nancy Drew book! I have been fortunate enough to travel internationally once in my life so far and that was to the beautiful land of Italy! I adore Italy and since I did throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, I hope and dream to return there.
How I would describe my style is conservative, classic, on trend with a vintage vibe and maybe a dash of edginess. Over the years, it has changed many times and has evolved with the trends of the times, but I must say that the underlying theme has always been classic. I love my collared shirts and high waisted pants! I have a long list of style icons and celebs that I adore, some recently added or discovered, others have been there since day one. To name a few, of course: Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn, Kate Beckinsale, Diane Kruger, Rachel Bilson, The Olsen Twins, Rachel Zoe, Selena Gomez, Kristina Bazan, and Miroslava Duma. I could go on for ages with this post, but rather than bore you, I'd like to just finish off my introduction and express how excited I am to join the Fashion Blogosphere! I hope you enjoy what is to come from When Grey Skies Are You... only the best of course (wink, wink). Until next time!

Greyfully Yours,