The Bold and The Beautiful


Another "double-header" here on the blog! Yesterday we saw the soft side of Annalisa and I. Today, you get the bold, daring side. As I mentioned, we love taking risks with what we wear. I think this is a great example of that. Annalisa recently got these two pieces (Jacket and skirt) and wasn't sure if it would be okay to wear them together. Once I saw them I was so excited because I would totally wear them together as well! Great minds think alike. Each piece is so different but for some reason, the contrast in pattern and color offsets each other and looks great! It's electric! Boogie woogie woogie woogie! (anyone else know that song?) I think her look can be worn day and night. One could play it up with heels and a fun clutch or play it down with fun flats and a shoulder bag. Minimal accessories are needed but this look is absolutely captivating.

I chose to go to my neutral palette and chose a simple black dress and a preppy shrunken blazer. Since the blazer was very school-esque I decided to dig out my heather grey socks (ironic huh). To cut the innocent school girl look I wore my brown combat boots and tied a skull scarf around my head as a headband. My whole life I've worn uniforms and for the most part I've never really been out of dress code. So, this look was fun for me to feel a little rebellious. We both felt like we fell out of Juicy Couture or a Dior ad with our balloons. It was so much fun!! Go ahead, scroll away!

On Annalisa:
Electric Bloom Peplum Jacket; Nasty Gal
Black and white Button Up Skirt; Nasty Gal
Sunglasses; Oakley

On Me:
Black dress;
Prep Blazer; American Eagle
Combat boots; White Mountain
Headband wrap/scarf with Skulls; Sisley

Again, our looks are our own but when it comes down to it, we both chose outfits that were a little outside the box. I hope Annalisa lets me borrow the entire outfit someday, I absolutely adore it. We encourage you, readers and bloggers alike, to take a few chances with what you wear. My advice, when wondering where to wear a "daring" outfit or just an eccentric piece, try breaking it in by wearing it around somewhere that you'll feel comfortable and confident. You'll get used to the feeling of looking different from everyone else. Trust me, it's a lot of fun! But, as a reminder, be yourself and be confident because that's the best accessory!

Hope you enjoyed!!

Greyfully Yours,