V for Vintage... Part Two!

Hello, It's me again!

 Okay, so anyone who read yesterday's post, knows that this one too will be about revamping some vintage items that I have been wanting to wear! Once again, my mother is the source of all good finds and ideas as well! She was thrift-shopping (per usual) and found this gorgeous off-white silk Oscar de la Renta blouse. YES, that's right, DE LA RENTA. I was so thrilled when she brought this home! Not to mention, it was such a great bargain I was even more impressed with her find! I adore how it's oversized and the color is so lush I love it so much.

I paired it first with a flare leg jean for a more 70's throwback look and then transitioned it into a more modern take on it that can be worn all throughout the day or even at night! Other than dark jeans, trousers and skirts would certainly go well with this as well! Also, I had a vintage pleather bag that resembles a Prada snakeskin tote bag. I've had it for several years and it fits so much inside!


 Dark Flare, Cult Jeans.
 Silk Blouse, Oscar de la Renta Sport circa 1980's; Double pearl strand necklace, costume jewelry.
 Getting my "Vogue" on!!

 Being Ohhhh so silly while my fabulous sister Molly gives me instructions on posing for her shots!

Pale Green Velvet Ribbon Bracelet with Rhinestoned flower, Anthropology.

My lucky day! Found a dollar in my back pocket!!

 Only got $1 in my pocket! V is for VINTAGE!
 Dark wash skinny jeans, Forever 21.

 Distressed Shudder, Vintage Shade of Grey.
 Potting Shed workbench and accessories, Vintage Shade of Grey.
 Blush Pink suede wedges, JustFab.com (my first ever purchase from JustFab! Love them!)
 Vintage Pleather Briefcase Tote, found at a yard sale!

Any of the props that you see in the pictures; such as the "Potter's Workbench" etc. have been refurbished and done over by my mom. She has a booth at a vintage warehouse that has so many creative shops inside! The antique market she participates in is called "Vintage Thymes" and her booth is called, "Vintage Shade of Grey". Anyone who is local should definitely check it out, it is quite amazing! The Windsmith Mill can be found in Norwood, MA at 61 Endicott St. BDG. 24. They are having a "CLEARANCE SALE" this Friday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Be sure to pick up a schedule for the year of when their markets are! Anyone who loves vintage junking will adore this area!

Ladies, go hunt in your mom's closet or even your grandmother's! Ask first, but they might have some great pieces that you can incorporate in your wardrobe! Baby, you CAN bring vintage back!

Greyfully Yours,