Back to School: The Devil Wears Red


On this sticky night, I am preparing for the first day of classes tomorrow and I'm dreading trying to figure out what to wear because lately, it hasn't been comfortable weather, which makes looking "cute" difficult. Of course, I'm still excited and I can't believe it's come this quickly. I'd really like for fall to start showing up because I love that crisp air. Hopefully we'll see that soon enough!

Tonights ensemble revolves around one of those crisp days I'm talking about. It also resembles a uniform or dress code, because what's going back to school without a little preppiness thrown in there? The day we took these photos it was so sticky and humid so I was not too happy after that. Besides the weather, let's look at the outfit.

Black studded collared shirt; Forever 21. Pleather oxblood skirt; Forever 21. Black knit socks; Betsey Johnson. Rain boots; Hunter. Brown military coat; Ann Taylor.

So, as you can tell I chose this outfit because it definitely has that "school girl" vibe, but with a little devilish style. I chose my "peter-pan" collared shirt with studs and paired it with my newest obsession; my pleather oxblood mini skirt. This color is so in and I absolutely love it. Then I decided to go for my over the knee knit socks to pull the "uniform" look together and I also added my Hunter rain boots for those days where there's a couple puddles around. Finally I layered my favorite military-esque jacket with its ruffled collar to break up the black and red.

For my hair, I just gave it a good blow out and added some shine serum. As for my make-up, once again I chose a simple face palette and went for a rasberry red lipstick by Rimmel.

I adore this look. It has a girly shape but is dark and gives off a mysterious vibe. I will definitely be wearing this in several different ways throughout fall and winter! Good luck to those that are starting classes or going back to school this week! Study in style and keep working hard, all!

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Greyfully Yours,