Back to School: Do the Hokey Polkey-Dot

Hi All!

As of today, I moved back into school for my sophomore year of college!! So exciting! So, after a stressful day I figured I'd take some time to relax, listen to some music and blog!

Tonight's post will be featuring another person that is very important to me; my youngest sister Grace! She's only 11 (going on 12), but she's so incredible! She is always making me laugh because of her sense of humor and she's very mature for her age. Grace is a very smart girl amongst other attributes. She loves to read, play games, make friendship bracelets (if you look in some of my posts, you'll see one of them she made for me!) She also is a great hockey player!! I love to see her play or even practice in the driveway. I think it's so awesome that she is so enthusiastic about something she loves and she really puts a lot of work into making herself better. Grace, although younger, teaches me so many things. She's displayed such great work ethic at such a young age, always striving for the next level. Not to mention she remains positive and is always smiling. I think more people need to incorporate those two things in their lives more often.

I was so happy to have her join Molly and I in the blogging. It was great for us to show her how it all works when we go to shoot or in the brainstorming process. Not to mention, along with everything else about Grace, she has such cute style.

In this look I styled her in something very fun but age appropriate for a "Back to School" look. However, Grace does wear a uniform so maybe she'll wear this for picture day or a dress down day!! I chose a pink lace shirt with a collar to bring in the feminine element. Then I paired it with skinny jeans, but not just any skinny jeans... purple polka dotted ones! How fun! Lastly, I chose her black combat boots for a edgy twist! Take a look!

Pink lace shirt; Marshalls. Purple polkadot skinny jeans; American Eagle. Black combat boots; White Mountain. Navy Blue backpack; LL. Bean

So, again, some might say they would never pair these things together but I think what makes the outfit come together is that each piece is pretty neutral. The pink shirt is very light as opposed to bright. Same with the pants and the boots are of course black. Then theres the different textures and pattern. The polka dots aren't in your face as well with the lace. We kept her hair natural (yes thats natural) and she does not wear any make-up because she does not need it. I love this cute little outfit on her but I would love it on anyone else too! It works for people my age too!

A huge shout out to my baby sisters for being amazing!! I love you both so much and I can't get over what beautiful people you both are.

As always, thank you for reading! Stay tuned!

Greyfully Yours,