Clueless in Pajamas

Good Afternoon Everyone!!

Before I go out and do some errands I just wanted to post something pretty fun for this lazy Sunday! Anyone who loves comfort will like this outfit; and if you like patterns too then even better! One of my favorite designers did something really interesting and cool for his runway shows. Marc Jacobs, brought pajamas and sleepwear to haute couture. When I first saw this I was so excited with the simplicity and genius of it. He proposed that pajama sets can be worn in everyday life. No, not the cotton pair that has cows all over it that you've had forever, but rather ones that might be silk or satin. Ones that are probably too expensive to wear to bed right? Well, if you own a pair, then you're right on trend with this season. But, have no fear, if you don't own an expensive set, like myself, you can recreate your own "Sleeping while I'm wide awake" look!

It seems unusual to wear a full sleep set out so I suggest breaking it up. Wear the top with moto leggings. Wear the bottoms with a simple t-shirt, blazer and pumps. Sound good? Now, my outfit isn't exactly what he's created but I think it's a nice alternative.

I took my pair of loose fit polka dot trouser pants (Forever 21) that give off the "pajama" feel. Then I paired them with my new favorite t-shirt (Gap). Finally, I chose my gray Converse and a white thick headband. I felt like Alicia Silverstone as Cher from Clueless for some reason. I think she would wear this out to school or even to go on one of her shopping sprees. It's a comfy idea and looks adorable! Don't be afraid to try new things!

Thank you so much for reading :)

Greyfully Yours,