Welcome to When Grey Skies Are You!

I am so thrilled about today's post. I have some really exciting things that I want you all to see! As I'm sure you all have noticed, all of my posts thus far have been taken from my town back home! Of course since I am in school, in order to stay current and up to date on fashions and just my life in general, I am bringing you to the wonderful city of Boston. Besides classes, I'm working really hard on taking this blog to the NEXT level and making the city my "hub" of fashion.

Without my sister here all the time to take pictures for me I was a little afraid about how I'd carry it out. But, low and behold, I was blessed with another donation of talent. My friend Julia has offered to be my right hand (wo)man and let me tell you, I couldn't be happier. This girl is truly amazing. Part of today's post is going to be me bragging about her loveliness because, simply, it can not go unnoticed. Her and I have really connected just within the last few days and we are continuing to devise plans for the betterment of the blog. I would like you all to meet the awesome and talented, Julia Paige.

Julia is studying Graphic Design and Photography but while she studies she does a lot of work on her own. She is a surface and pattern designer and sells products with her designs on them, such as iphone & ipad cases, throw pillows, tee shirts, stationary and more on Society 6
She also sells her products on her own through Etsy

I encourage you all to stay updated on what she’s up to either “like” her on Facebook, follow her blog, where she not only posts her projects but also inspiration for design and photography.
A lot of her photos are taken at home in Maine. Julia also takes High School Senior Photos, Family Portraits, Engagement Portraits, and more.

Julia Paige Design Photography
Twitter @JPDesigns

So, in other important news, we took our first smack at a photo shoot together. I think you'll see from these pictures both the talent and the intensity that she brings. 

Fashion wise, I chose to go big or go home with this ensemble. What better choice could I pick other than hot pink skinny jeans and a blouse with cheetahs all over it? Typical for me, I know, but the combination is deadly to anything boring. We went for it yesterday and I think we kicked butt. At the end, we decided to experiment with the element of water and let me tell you, it was intense. Enjoy :)

Gold statement necklace; Marshall's. Cheetah Blouse; Forever 21. Pink skinny jeans; J. Crew. Brown suede peep toes; Nine West.

Aren't those fun?! Eyes, brows and lips were bold and intense. There were so many pictures that we took it was very hard to choose. Therefore, we present to you a short video of all of them... completely unedited. And what's better? Selena Gomez's song "Naturally" is the soundtrack. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! I know it was really long but thank you for reading and watching :) I'll see you soon!

Greyfully Yours,