Simon Says

Hello There!

"A nuthouse? A refuge? Or maybe both. Yes, an asylum in both senses of the word. A place where unemployable crazy people are always welcome." That is the opening line of an intriguing book that I happened to pick up two days ago after I was graced by the presence of Simon Doonan. Yes, THE Simon Doonan. In other words, I met the creative ambassador of Barney's New York at his book signing, in honor of Boston Fashion Week.

Now, I have to be honest in saying that I just happened to stumble upon the event description when I was scrolling through dozens of other events. Upon seeing this I immediately emailed the given address to RSVP (A classy and mature way to go about things I'd say). I got a reply almost instantly that opened a door to a great opportunity. I was asked if I'd like to personally interview Mr. Doonan. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Who would want to speak with little old me? Well, aside from my blushing cheeks, I accepted the offer and away we went that morning in our swanky cab to Copley Place. Julia and I stepped out of the vehicle clad in "on trend" outfits and cameras, pulling down our shades to the bridges of our noses to enhance our demure look. I felt like I was walking on clouds. Simply because I was wearing my favorite ballet flats and the other half was I felt like I was in a dream. Fast forward, top of the escalator, I pull out my Nine West black pumps and slip into them, trying to ease my nerves as I mentally prepare for this experience. As we walked into Barney's, we take a glance around at all of the important, well-dressed people that were there to welcome us. We pretended for a mere five minutes that we were just there to spend lots of money, but as the time got closer to when the signing was supposed to begin, we strolled past the pair of cobalt blue Manolos that Carrie from Sex and the City wore to her "wedding". We then introduced ourselves to the PR women. Next thing I know, there he is, descending the staircase, his hand ever so lightly grazing over the railing as he struts his way to where the rest of us were. Simon had a great smile on his face and it was like my eyes changed the focus to tunnel vision and all I saw was... Doonan. He was handed a glass of sparkling water, one similar to the one I was holding. OMG he and I were drinking the same beverage. Lights flashing, cameras clicking, people "Ooh-ing and Aah-ing" as the man in paisley gracefully sat down in his throne. This petite person was of a different kind of royalty, that I knew for sure.

Moments later I was fist-bumping the one everyone came to see. A kind eyed man with a sweet british accent greeted me and it was all slow motion as he said, "Well don't you look spiffy!" Extremely flattered I flirtatiously remarked that it was all for him. And it was, I was here for the sheer joy of meeting this man. We chatted for a few minutes and then he inquired about this interview I was doing. Questions began as I scrolled through the note on my iPhone, trying to sound sophisticated and calm at the same time. Not sure if I managed that, but nonetheless I was having such a great time talking to him. He was so down to earth and witty. He answered the questions with ease, nonchalantly throwing out huge names like Gaultier, Lanvin, Alexander Wang (his current favorite designer) and giggling along the way. He said so many things that were fabulous, including his tidbit on Miley and his forte being twerking. I mean, the man is a powerhouse. After I was finished "interviewing", but rather gawking as I interrogated the "Creative Ambassador of Barney's New York", we joked about things we had in common and I was beaming. Eventually, I decided that I couldn't hog the poor thing all day, so I went over and purchased his book, The Asylum. This book just proves that, in fact, I do belong in an asylum. A fashion asylum. Honestly, anyone who wants to laugh and revel in the greatness of fashion should go get this handheld manual on the cutthroat fashion world. You'll thank me later.

Julia and I waited patiently in line to come face-to-face with the wonderful Simon once again so he could sign my copy. I mentioned to him earlier that I work for CVS and I don't think he took me seriously because moments later he was baffled that I wasn't joking about that one. He cooed at me how he thought that was "so cooooool" and that we shared the same drive to work hard. It would be an understatement to say that I was on cloud nine. After signing, "For Kathleen *heart* Simon", he wrote in the makeshift heart "J'adore CVS!" We snapped a couple more candids and then we departed from Barney's. And that was the day I fell in love with an older man named Simon.

Truly, I am lucky enough to have had this amazing opportunity and I can't wait to indulge in reading this book by the small man in paisley that stole my heart. It was a beautiful day and I will always cherish those memories and Simon, if you read this, someday we will meet again my friend. Cheers!

To watch my interview with the lovely and incredible Simon Doonan, go here. Or click below to watch as well! Make sure to give this a thumbs up!

Here are some pictures from the event!!

Black leather peplum; Forever 21. Dark wash jeans; BDG. Black pointed toe pumps; Nine West. Tote; Gold drop earrings with spikes; Forever 21.

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