The Improper Bostonian

Hi lovelies!

The cool air has been so refreshing lately and you know what that means? Accessories, accessories and more accessories. Not only is fall about layering but it's about your seasonal accessories as well. One of my favorite things to incorporate is.... fur. Faux fur, of course. Whether it's a coat, a hat, a pair of earmuffs or my favorite, a fake fur collar. This wondrous invention allows a transition of looks. You can take a simple coat or sweater and then put on a fake collar and BAM, instant glam! This adds such an element of elegance and flare and easily amps up your look. One of the best parts about it? It's hassle free and you can keep it in your tote you bring to work for that dinner date you have afterwards. I have a couple of different ones myself that I am so excited to be able to utilize this time of year. Take any ordinary outfit and make it trés chic! 

Yesterday we went on an adventure to the Boston Public Library to go along with my very retro, 1920's-esque look. The library was so amazing and even more beautiful in person. It actually took us a couple minutes to find the right portion that we wanted because all we saw was the "newer" version. We were looking for the crown molding and courtyard rather than the children's room or the periodicals. Eventually, we figured it out. Haha! And when we did find it we were so happy and in awe of the grandeur and detail of this building! I will definitely be making an effort to trot myself down there to go do some homework! All of that aside, the pictures were so much fun and we chose to keep them all in black and white to take you all back in time. I hope you enjoy! Please watch our video first as well! 

 Shrunken Blazer; American Eagle. White sweater; Brandy Melville. Herringbone skirt; J. Crew. Booties; Gold clasp two tone tote; Fur collar; H&M. 

For my hair I was inspired by a runway look by Carolina Herrera. As for my make up I kept it simple and put emphasis on my eyes and lips with a bare face. I hope you enjoyed this post, look for more fall inspired posts coming soon!!

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Greyfully Yours,