Check Up on It

Hello Again!

Yesterday we did something really fun so I couldn't resist to post it today. I just could not wait!! Have you checked Instagram, Facebook or Twitter lately? Chances are you've seen multiple pictures of people climbing trees and picking apples. I miss doing that with my family around this time of year! Well, since we are here in the city, it's a little more difficult to find a big apple tree to climb sooo... we made up our own version of "apple picking" this fall. We took a little trip down to Copley Square where they have a farmer's market and did some picking! This is totally the next best thing to apple picking if I do say so myself. It was so much fun and there wasn't just apples, there were veggies too! Next we made our way around the farmer's market, visiting all of the different booths. My favorite was the one with the sunflowers (as I'm sure you've noticed). We also picked up some cider donuts too, DELICIOUS. Hint: don't eat cider donuts with lipstick on.... lesson learned.

After we were done perusing through all of the booths, we went and sat on the grass and had a quick picnic/photo shoot! It was so fun and it was great to relax and enjoy the beautiful day! Take a look at the pictures!

 To get this adorable fall look, I started with a base of the checkered dress. I bought this on sale weeks ago for like 5 dollars and figured it'd be cute to have. It is definitely more of a summer piece so this is a great display of transitional wear. Then to make sure I stayed warm I pulled on my black tights and black knee socks to give my legs some dimension. Then I chose my black patent leather Hunter boots. I love my brown coat so of course I wore that, but the outfit needed more... it needed an edge. I pulled out my basic black beanie but the outfit wasn't complete, it also needed color. Then came the yellow scarf. It was an amazing pop of color to the very neutral based outfit and also was great when the wind came!! I absolutely love love love this outfit. I suggest wearing something like this on days when you know you'll be outside but you can also make it work for just hanging out with some friends.

I blew out my hair again today and spritzed some hairspray in it to give it a little "second day" body. My make-up was simple yet daring. I contoured my face and used little blush. I dusted a light brown shadow over my eyelids and smudged some espresso eyeliner just on the top outer corner of my eyes to open them up. Of course I then coated my lashes with mascara to finish the eyes. As for my lips I did three things, first I moisturized with my Eos lip balm. This helps the lipstick to go on easier and last longer. Then I chose to start with a red-ish purple lipstick. Mine is by Rimmel. Then I added the plum color to give it more of a punch. This is one of my favorite make-up looks and it is so accessible to everyone.

Black and white checkered dress; Forever 21. Mustard Yellow scarf; J. Crew. Brown military jacket; Ann Taylor. Black rain boots; Hunter. Black Beanie; Forever 21. Brown leather satchel; The Sak.



I hope you enjoyed this look!! Please let me know if there is anything YOU want to see!! Thank you for reading once again :) You guys are all wonderful!! Don't forget to "like us on Facebook!

Greyfully Yours,