Off the Chain

Hey Ladies!
And Gents too, of course.

Now, everyone knows how much I love vintage items, whether its clothing or accessories... my collection is growing. Today we have a very unique piece from a vintage St. John line circa 1980. This is one of the coolest pieces I have ever seen and I simply can't get enough of it. The details of it are spectacular and it would be an insult to call it JUST a sweater. It's more than that, it's epic. We imagined this shoot to be one similar to an 80's Vogue. It's so high fashion but simple at the same time because its just one piece!

Thanks to my wonderful best friend and photographer, Julia, we created this vintage Vogue cover as a little joke to go with the theme today. This was so much fun to create and it looks almost identical to the ones that were produced and brings in some modern elements as well.

I happened to pick up this one-of-a-kind at one of my new favorite spots; SoWa. What is SoWa you ask? It's the mecca of all indie craftspeople and food trucks, vintage shops and art and crafts stations located in South Boston. The outdoor market is over as of this past weekend but it will start back up in May! It is honestly so cool. I went there about a month ago and it happened to be a rainy day so not all of the vendors were there but I was thoroughly impressed with the ones that were!


One that caught my eye (where I purchased this gem) is "Lola's Urban Vintage; where street meets chic." This is literally a store on WHEELS. It is so incredibly cool and the pieces that she has are awesome.

Now onto the "off the chain" sweater. It is so comfortable and has a high neck that buttons up along with a leather panel that is outlined in a gold chain. Shoulder pads included as well. I don't care if people look at me weird when I wear this, I love this piece. I think it would look really great with a leather skirt, or skinny jeans with pumps. I plan on pairing it with my Nine West pumps with boyfriend jeans for a kicked back look. It's things like this that make my heart go pitter patter. Don't be afraid to pick up things like this at thrift stores or vintage markets, you'll have something that others won't!!

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Greyfully Yours,