When October Goes

Afternoon All!!

This week has been so crazy! I'm sorry I haven't posted this week until now! Julia and I have been trying to find even just a sliver of time to shoot but we're both so busy all the time between school and work! Don't worry though, even still we have a lot of fun things coming up this weekend that we'll be doing together and that you'll definitely see on the blog!

I can't believe it's already October 24th... how quickly this month has passed! Today is a pretty chilly day so I'm definitely pondering why it is that I got an iced coffee... burr! I'm spending my day in the library studying and listening to some of my favorite music when the song "When October Goes" by Barry Manilow came on (ask your grandparents who that is if you don't get the reference). It was a lyric that the good old Johnny Mercer wrote but didn't end up finishing and it is such a beautiful ballad that has totally giving me good feels on this cold day.

Sadly, the end of October means the start of winter will soon enough be on the horizon before we know it. But with that comes the beautiful season of multi layer outfits. For today's comfy library bound look, I took a little mix of print and textures. First I started out with this really fun, fuzzy winter white sweater. It has sort of a wide collar and doesn't have too much shape so I paired it with my black and beige polka dotted pants and did a little "side-tuck". Then I chose my gold chain necklace to add a little shimmer. Lastly I pulled on my off-white vest to keep me a little warmer. A leather jacket would look great also tossed over the shoulders if you aren't into the vest; it would also give it a European twist. My shoes are just ankle booties in a nice neutral color. You could also pair it with classic black pumps if you wanted to dress it up. If you're really daring, try a purple hue.

Polka dotted trousers; Forever 21. Winter White Mohair sweater; H&M. Vest; Forever 21. Gold chain; Forever 21.

As for my hair, I put in the effort to give it a good blow out and turned the ends under to make it sleek and retro. My make-up it composed of foundation and light contouring along with full brows and winged eyeliner to complete the look. To protect my eyes from the sun I also brought along my cat eye tortoise shell sunglasses.

This look is super comfortable yet thoughtful and pulled together. I absolutely love the winter white elements for this season and I have a feeling we'll be seeing it until early spring. I hope you enjoyed this outfit of the day, I know I did! Don't let the cold intimidate you ladies, layering is your best friend this season.

Thank you so much for reading! Tune in next week to hear about our adventures! I think you'll enjoy it!

Greyfully Yours,