Chasing Pavements

Hello Everyone!

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Isn't it always a question whether to pursue or to give up on something? Whether it's that diet you've been "promising" yourself you'd stick to or a possible relationship that might throw a curve ball at your life. Well whatever it is, consider both ends of the decision. If you go after it, a goal, a desire or a dream, are you ready to fight for it? After all, nothing comes easy! If you decide that "Eh, I might just forget it" how will you feel afterwards? Will you always wonder "what if?" or regret not testing your ability? No matter what your decision is, to keep going or to let go, I have a piece of advice that I, myself plan on taking. Look at how far you've come, how much you've accomplished and all the opportunities you've had in your life. You've gotten this far and you should trust yourself. Trust that you'll do what's best. Trust that you'll do it for YOU and no one else. Life calls for many situations that require one to be selfless, but sometimes you have to look away from what others are suggesting and just go with what would make you happier. Be selfish once in a while and indulge in your own thoughts. Who knows, maybe someone else will be inspired by your independence and will  find it in their heart to take a chance. I encourage you to never say never and I don't necessarily endorse giving up but sometimes life has a different plan!

Don't be afraid, you can do this; trust in yourself.

Skinny boyfriend jeans; H&M. Whit shirt; Forever21. Brown leather bag; Ann Taylor.

On today's post you'll be seeing an easy, but well put together weekend look! I love this combination and I think this would look great on any body type. I chose this beautiful ivory chiffon top with a high neck. It has an element of victorian style and has a lace and mesh design along the chest area. I then tucked this into my new skinny boyfriend jeans with a little distressed detail on the thighs. Of course I chose my brown combat boots and my brown jacket (although I could have used a heavier one because it was so cold!)

For my hair, I curled it loosely for that "Victoria's Secret" wave look! My make-up was perfect this day. I absolutely adore it. I was inspired by a picture of Selena Gomez (not unusual). I did my full foundation routine for this look and built on that with a little blush. I wanted this look to be just as bronzy as her's was so i applied bronzer to my cheeks and temples. For my eyes I used a taupe, maroon and gold color to add dimension to my eyes. I then smudged espresso eyeliner on the top lid. I applied two coats of mascara and lastly chose my dark purple lip to finish it off. This look can be worn both day and night, although I do suggest toning down the eye make-up for day.

Now, onto one of the focal points of this look which I'm sure many of you have noticed in the pictures. My weekend bag. This is a vintage Ann Taylor leather bag that has embossed paisley detailing. My mom got this for me for my birthday and I absolutely love it. It is so awesome and worn in and holds a lot!! It's great for day trips or even if you're going home for a long weekend which I did this past weekend. I love this tote! This whole outfit says, laid-back but elegant and I absolutely have fallen in love with it.

Thank you so much for reading and get ready for this upcoming week, some really cool and new things are in the works!! Make sure to visit us soon or flip through some of the old posts you ay have missed!