It's All in the Details, Baby!

Hello There!!

Ugh, this weather is so dreary! I can't complain too much though, it gives me time to daydream and plenty of time to blog! I feel as though my thoughts are miles away sometimes, it's hard to stop and ask myself, "Hey, how's it going? How are YOU?" When all you do is run around like a crazy person between classes etc. it's difficult to take a big step back and evaluate how you're feeling. 

Let me preface this and say that the day that Julia and I went to shoot was a crazy day. I've never had so many cameras on me at once. We went to the Boston Commons and also the Museum of Fine Arts and boy, were people interested in what I was wearing. This look was inspired by both Audrey Hepburn and Coco Chanel. So today, I have an interesting topic… the art of the "little black dress." No, I won't be talking about how to wear one, because I'm sure you all can figure out a way to slip your arms through some sleeves. Instead, consider yourselves your own LBD. I know, weird. Think of your style, think of what you'd gravitate towards if there were a series of black dresses on a rack in front of you. Sound like Wonderland? I think so. Whichever you choose, you choose for a reason right? Because it does more than fits you, you see yourself in that dress, you are that dress. 

Are you still with me? Well if you are, you understand what I mean. Each of us is different, unique in some way. Sure, we could all buy the same identical dress, but I guarantee how each of us wear it would be different. Whether it's in a significant way like a jacket or belt with it or in a not-so-significant way like simply rolling the sleeves or a simple chain. Isn't that amazing to think about? We are all our own person and we are made up of so many things. 

Me and Winston the park ranger horse!
For me, it's always a struggle to define who I am. Yes, I can tell you my name, I can tell you that I'm a good person, what I like to do, my strengths and weaknesses and so on, but how can I limit it all to one definition? I don't think the defining process will get any easier, but I try to keep in mind that I don't necessarily have to know right this instant. As I've said before, we are always changing, evolving as individuals. 

So right now, I compare myself to this (not so) little black dress. I found this in my grandmother's closet. She really has the most impeccable taste and I admire her style immensely. She's definitely on my "Wall of Fame" of style icons. I love you Nana Jan! So, back to this dress. It's simply amazing. It is velvet at the top, with long sleeves and a high boatneck. It cinches at the smallest part of my waist and has a taffeta and tulle floor length skirt. So simple right? And then, it surprises you when it's turned around. The back is open, beautifully cut so that one of the most elegant parts of a woman is displayed. Tied with a huge bow, this dress is stunning. 

We did our own version of Jennifer Lawrnece's fall at the Oscars! 

So how do I assimilate myself with this dress you ask? Well, I think a lot of the time I can be simple, no extravagancies needed. But, if one steps closer, they see the details, the texture, the compilation of different fabrics. Other times, I'm complicated and dramatic, similar to the back of the dress. I'm all over the place half the time. I can be happy, moody, outgoing, introverted, easy going, stressed, sensitive, sarcastic… the list can go on. Some might say, why can't you just be consistent? My answer? I'd rather be real, raw, multiple emotions and feel everything. I'd rather have both ends of the spectrum; all of these crazy characteristics than have no dimension. I am simple, I am nuts, I am (in)sane and most of all I am ME!

Maybe someone out there feels the same way, maybe someone has no idea what they're feeling right this moment or maybe you're murmuring to yourself that I'm a weirdo, but if you are one of those people, I'm here, I understand. It's so hard to find your way sometimes, but you're never alone. Whether you are a simple black dress, plain as can be or an embellished black dress with a lot going on, you are you and you're special. I encourage you to embrace that, to admire all of your details. As the wonderful and ever elegant Coco Chanel once said, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different."

As always, thank you for reading! PLEASE check out our video to go along with this post :) Click HERE

Greyfully Yours,

P.S. We even met a freshman from Boston College who asked to take a couple shots with us, here are a few that she took!