SoWa Say Whaaaat?

Good afternoon!!

What a rainy day! To brighten things up I decided to do a quick post for you all! Last week my mom, Molly, Julia and I all took a field trip to SoWa (the market where I got my "Off the Chain" sweater! To view that post click here! It's a good thing we went because it was the last Sunday for the outdoor portion of SoWa. The indoors part is open year round however!!

This place is like a wonderland for all things vintage and shabby chic. There's something there for everyone! Whether it's home decor, old cameras (Julia's favorite) or retro clothes, they have it all! The day we went was insane! I think I developed claustrophobia because of how many people were in this huge warehouse at once! Nevertheless it was so much fun and we found some great stuff.

Amongst the purchases were a vintage camera that Julia picked up, a Diana Ross record, and I happened to find my Halloween costume there! I was a 1920's showgirl. It was perfect! I found the outfit at The House of Findings.

We also went in a vintage haberdashery called Bobby's of Boston. It is such a cool spot and has so many cool little trinkets that are total blasts from the past! I really recommend checking it out :)

For my outfit that day, I kept it casual yet cute! I wore black skinnies, a baby pink cowl neck long sleeve, a cheetah scarf and my brown utility jacket. I paired this with my brown combat boots and left my hair natural. So quick and easy!

This was so much fun and everyone should try to check it out! You never know what you'll find!! Thank you so much for reading :)

Greyfully Yours,