Oh, Holy Chic!

Good Morning Everyone!

I can't believe that there is only five days until the big day… Christmas! I always love Christmas and this holiday season. Everything is decorated and lit up, it's so beautiful. I just wish it wasn't as cold! Last week were my finals for the end of my first semester! I worked really hard and have maintained two jobs and this blog, so I guess I've really tried my best at time management. That's what half of life is I suppose. It's a give and take, a balance of all the smaller and bigger things. It's really great to have a break though, I'm excited to be back home and spend time with those that are most important to me; my family. Even with the stress of our finals, Julia and I had to get away and take a little break. We decided to do a "Holiday Look" for you all! And what makes it even better is, Julia is also in it! PLEASE make sure to watch our video for this post! It includes the behind the scenes look at the action and a 360 degree look at my outfit!! Find that here!!!

We chose two looks very different from each other. Mine, dressy and sleek; Julia's layered and more casual and pulled together. Let's start with Julia's look! Here, she wears a cute fitted tunic, belted at the waist, that has a pattern that really works with her small frame. It almost looks like ornaments! She then layered that with tights, riding boots, an ivory scarf and a gray wool jacket! This look is very cute and definitely screams winter! This outfit is casual enough that you're ready to just hang out by the fireplace, but she is definitely ready for a nice dinner out or at a cocktail party as well. I love the versatility of this outfit, she looks great. Also, I curled her hair to really spruce her up. Her make-up was done by yours truly as well and we went with a neutral eye, black liner and a flawless face. She looks incredibly beautiful, as always and I am so so so happy that she agreed to be in this post!! It was so much fun to take pictures of her this time and switch roles. She works so hard to "get the shots" and it was nice to let her be in the spotlight! Love you girl, I appreciate you and your talent incredibly so!

Isn't she beautiful?!

Now, for my outfit, I went for the very dressed up look. This is for those big night celebrations that call for a long skirt, blazer and a very retro make-up look. I have had this midi length pleated emerald green skirt for about two years and have never worn it. I know, crazy. But, honestly, look at the trends, midi skirts are very in. Pleats are also very on trend and keeps the figure streamlined. I paired it with a lace cropped bustier since the skirt is pretty high rise. Then to break it up and dress it up even more, I added a structured white blazer. I also chose my classic Nine West pumps to go with this outfit and paired it with a pastel gem statement necklace. I love this look and I felt pretty and confident in this, I wish I actually had somewhere to go that day! Check it out!

Green Skirt; Forever21. Lace bustier; Forever 21. White blazer; Bloomingdale's. 

Now, with this dolled up look, comes a must, a done up face. I blended my bronzer along my cheekbones and used that as my blush for the day. I wanted a full face but I didn't want too much and look un-natural. Then for my eyes, I kept the shadow hues very neutral and did a dramatic winged eyeliner in black. I then added a red lip to finish off my look! I loosely curled my hair and twisted back one side to give it a retro spin. I love this entire look so much! It is so fun and trust me, there's nothing like a woman in a red lipstick.

 This was so much fun to do, I love both looks! I believe that around the holidays, that is definitely an excuse to get dressed up! Both Julia and I love to do that and even on this extremely cold day, we were willing to pull out all the stops to show you a couple of looks perfect for looking "Oh so chic" for the holidays. Now, I know this is only two examples, so I created a Pinterest board specifically for outfits to wear around this season! There is a mixture of styles as well and I thought it would be great to give you all a little more help if you needed more options!! Check it out at http://www.pinterest.com/chocochic2394/happy-holidays/! Don't forget to watch our video as well!!! This is so much fun!

Thank you all for reading and I hope you all enjoy this time of year, you all are in my thoughts and Happy Holidays to you and your families from When Grey Skies Are You!!

Greyfully Yours,