Hello All!

I hope you are all doing well on this fine Thursday! Is that 45 degree weather I feel brushing up against my cheek? Spring is near! So today, we have a happy and cheery "outfit of the day." The day that we happened to be shooting was Valentine's Day and it was so windy! Love was "in the air" you could say! This was a very smiley shoot, I just couldn't help it! Like the saying goes, "You're never fully dressed without a smile!"

For this look I really wanted to feel girly and have some color; I picked a couple of red elements which was fitting for the day! Some of you may notice that my outfit is made up of pieces that I've already worn previously on the blog! I try not to repeat outfits because I love to keep things different, so I figured it'd be a great thing to show you all a different way to wear these articles of clothing. I started with my green wrap skirt that I wore in "By Golly Miss Molly." I then paired that with my favorite grey turtleneck that was seen on "Let's Hear It For The Boys, Mademoiselle". My school girl vibes were out and about last week! Next was my coated denim jacket that I wore in "Top Hat, Blue Tie and Coat Tails." Lastly, this awesome plaid scarf that was the star of "Lady Frayed." Each one of these pieces are so versatile and I love mixing and matching them.

To go with my whole outfit, I needed a few accessories. I wore plain black tights and my favorite booties. I carried around this awesome burlap bag that a good friend of my mother's made for me! It has "Metro" stenciled on it and I totally love it! Plus it's eco friendly! Inside I had my wallet and sunglasses, gloves, chapstick etc. and lastly one of my prized possessions: my planner. Truth be told, I have two planners, one for my academics and one for the blog. Guess which one I brought along with me? This was a wonderful Christmas gift from my good friend Rachel. This precious red book is by Kate Spade and has beautiful fashion designs for each month of the year, each in a different country! For the upcoming month of March is Capri! Oh, how I wish I could be there right now! Without this book, there wouldn't be a blog; or at least not an organized one!

I hope you enjoyed this look! I can't wait to wear this out all the way through Spring! Please check out the mini video we put together as well! A huge thank you to Julia, my talented friend and photographer for all of her hard work! Enjoy this day while you can! Who knows how long it will last :)

Until next week….
Greyfully Yours,