Let's Hear It For The Boys, Mademoiselle

Afternoon Everyone!

Okay so this weather is nuts! Even though I totally knew that Punxsutawney Phil would reveal that we'd have more winter, I'm still sad that Spring isn't in the cards anytime soon. Until then, I'm okay with layering and big jackets, cute hats and having snowball fights with my roommate. So today, let's take a look at this awesomely chic ensemble.

Take a couple minutes to watch our video!

I started to build this outfit from a couple of my favorite things in my wardrobe, a turtleneck and high-waisted trousers. Both of these pieces are menswear and I absolutely love it. Can we all give the boys a round of applause for making us so jealous of their style that we began incorporating it in ours? Also, we must commend the pioneers who helped make this happen such as CoCo Chanel. "She practically invented modernism," said Vogue of Chanel. Well, Coco, we're all happy you did. I chose this charcoal grey turtleneck which has a nice fit to it and paired it with my trousers to bring in the masculine vibe but also to up the sexiness. The figure looks great in these pieces and is very flattering without being revealing. I then chose my Trafaluc leather boots from Zara to also add a dressed up element. These shoes are also very male-inspired and they are so comfortable I promise you.

For other accessories I picked my gold statement necklace to add a little shimmer, my big black tote and my quilted leather gloves. Last but not least I chose this amazing fur coat. It is so beautiful and majestic and I'm in love with it. It totally completes this look and keeps me warm.

What I love about this look is it is a combination of masculine and feminine in the best ways possible. The menswear elements, although classified as so, give a feminine shape and the coat is glam. I got this coat from a vintage dealer, Jen Sullivan, who has a booth at the Winsmith Mill in Norwood, Massachusetts. I love this vintage piece. It is so versatile, I've worn it with jeans and I've dressed it up. Either way, it's FAB.

Obviously my hair and make-up was important for this look. For my hair, I wrapped two inch sections of hair around my curling barrel and got this messy curl look. I chose to part it down the middle to make the vibe a little 70's. I totally felt like Rachel Zoe. The make-up was a flawless face routine, bronzer and very little blush. My eyes were a mix of pewter and browns from the Naked2 palette from Urban Decay. I paired the eyes with a dark red lip and walahh! I love this vintage inspired look!

Be happy that we have a couple more weeks of cold weather, the silver lining is a lot of great layers and fabulous outfits can be worn! Don't be afraid to take a couple of risks, whether it's menswear or a fur coat, own it girl!

Grey Turtleneck; Forever21. Black trousers; Zara. Gloves; Michael Kors. Fur Jacket; vintage. 

Thank you all so much for reading and watching the video!! You can find that again here I hope you tune in next week to see whats up for Valentine's Day! A very special post will be debuted on Thursday the 13th so make sure to check back in then!

Greyfully Yours,