With Love


I'm so excited about Valentine's Day! I know for some tomorrow might be a rough day, but try to see the goodness about it! It's very saddening that Valentine's Day has become all about the girl and boy relationship when really it should just be a day to celebrate L-O-V-E. It shouldn't matter if one has a boyfriend or girlfriend, special someone or if they're single, it's a happy day to be reminded of who cares about them and who they care about as well. Who says my mom can't be my "Valentine"? Because she is, each and every day. Same with my father, my two sisters, my grandparents and all of my friends. If anything, I think Valentine's Day should make you feel empowered! But let's not forget that everyday should be a day to show your love! Doesn't it feel great when someone tells you they care about you? When you hear the words, "I love you" don't you feel good? Who doesn't love some chocolate and some flowers? You know what I suggest? If you are single and feeling lonely, go out and buy yourself a piece of chocolate, V-Day themed or not. Go read your favorite book in your favorite place, call someone you really love, do something! Chances are, if you have the right set of glasses on, you'll feel better and view the day of Valentine's in a better light. So, When Grey Skies Are You is wishing you a lovely day tomorrow and please know you are loved and cared about.

To celebrate the holiday, I wanted to do a themed post for you all! I had some help from my good friend Shana, who happens to be a make-up artist. Shana Christoforo is a Boston based make-up artist. She specializes in bridal and photoshoot make-up but is passionate about teaching what she knows to others. Shana works with make-up artists all over the world to help build their brands and help them shine! To find more on Shana go to http://www.makeupartistshana.com. Make sure to follow her on instagram +MakeUpArtistShana and "like" her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MakeUpArtistryByShanaChristoforo!! She is so AWESOME!

As you can see the Eye make-up was very dramatic with the winged eyeliner and smokey eye look! I loved the colors she used to create this romantic "eye-catching" look!! Shana was so kind to donate both her time and insane talent for today's post. For this look, we went bold and intense. I found this vintage Isaac Mizrahi mauve dress that was perfect for the look I was going for! I was so pleased that it had pockets! How cool and totally practical? I paired it with black pumps and a beautiful statement necklace that was lent to me. Huge shout out to my good friend Abby for lending me this great piece!

I kept my hair pretty undone and messy, to offset the precision of the make-up and the retro vibe of the dress. I also bought myself these beautiful roses. I know, I know a little self indulgent, but all for the love of blogging right?

This was such a fun shoot, very different from what we have done before and I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Shana! Her and I will be collaborating on some great projects this coming Spring! Can't wait and stay tuned!

A huge portion of the work that went into this special post was the video! Please take a look! The video!!

I hope you all have enjoyed this post and I'm wishing you all a Happy Valentine's Day! Hugs and (Hershey's) kisses!

Greyfully Yours,