Hello All!

Two more days and I will be in sunny Florida with my grandparents, away from all of this weird weather. Yesterday it was overcast one minute and the next I looked over and there was snow! Today is beautiful, blue skies! It always amazes me how quickly things can change in New England. Last week, when Julia and I went out to shoot, was a perfect day. I couldn't remember the last time the skies were so sunny and clear. It was fabulous! We took a trip down to the Copley area and had lunch on Newbury Street. It was a nice indulgence for the both of us after a long week.

Now, lets take a look at this week's outfit! This has to be one of my favorite looks. I feel like it has a different vibe from what I normally wear. I started by looking in my closet and from a bunch of things that were clumped together emerged this camouflage vest that I hardly ever wear. I had totally forgotten it was there! Lucky for me, it was a beautiful day to wear it! I then picked out my favorite plain black long sleeve shirt and paired that with my black midi pencil skirt. Without the vest, the silhouette looks amaze. When I put the vest on over the all black, I loved how it looked but something was off. Thank God for a drawstring waist to cinch the vest so it alluded to the figure underneath. Next was the shoe decision. Since my outfit was very conservative, school-girl like and had a retro shape to it, I wanted to carry that throughout the rest of my ensemble. So, what I did was I pulled out a pair of black dress socks and kept them scrunched up at my calves and then slipped into an adorable cheetah print heel.

So, if you look at it all together, I have the conservative elements, a few preppy ones as I said before and then two punches of edge. Camo and cheetah. It's actually ironic when you think of it; to hunt or be hunted.

A couple of my other accessories were my leather gloves, an oversized clutch and a statement necklace. For my hair, I gave it a nice blow out with plenty of volume. I parted it down the middle and used very little product.

My make-up was a very glow-y, natural face with a copper and burnt orange smokey eye. I smudged a little black eyeliner on the top of my eyelids and used a couple coats of mascara. Overall I loved this look and felt great! I really enjoy the different twists I put on something very simple! I hope you do too!

For more of a behind the scenes and up close look, PLEASE check out the video to go along with this post!! The lighting is amazing!! Click the video above to watch!

Until next time…
Greyfully Yours,

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