Sunny Side Up

Hello Everyone!!

It is a gorgeous day here in the city! I couldn't be happier that its above 45 degrees out, not to mention it's the first day of Spring!! So exciting! As you all know last week was my spring break and I was in Florida visiting my grandparents. It was so awesome and I loved spending time with them. They mean so much to me, they truly are my best friends. I have been missing them a lot being at school so it was beyond wonderful to spend a whole week with them. Of course my cousin Kristen came down with her parents as well and it was fabulous to be with them too! I was so glad to have a beach buddy!

So while I was there, my wardrobe was limited of course so I tried to get a little creative with what I wore. This lavender blouse and midi skirt was one of my favorite combinations. I love love love this color, I even had my toes painted the same shade! This shirt has a gorgeous cut and the back is so feminine. I paired it with my black skirt and neutral heels.

We were at the beach almost everyday and it was perfect weather! It couldn't have been more perfect. Kristen snapped some pics of me on the beach. I wore a black strapless bathing suit top from Victorias Secret and mint green bottoms from Forever21. I also brought this really cute crocheted white crop top to wear as a coverup. It has an adorable dolphin cut in the back. For fun I also paired it with this super cute bright blue necklace. So much fun in the sun! (P.s. It felt so good to wear no make-up in front of the camera! So liberating!)

I was very sad to leave gorgeous Florida but I was even more sad to leave my Nana and Pop-Pop. At least I have all of the memories and laughs we shared last week, it makes every day sunny to think of them.

Greyfully Yours,