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Greetings from Sunny Florida!

I apologize to all those in Massachusetts (or anywhere cold, for that matter) that just had to read that! But, fear not, there will be no beach-y pictures or sunny skies in today's post. I will spare you all! I am here visiting my grandparents and my cousin Kristen has finally arrived! Of course her parents came along as well but I am so happy to have Kristen here with me! Just last night, before dinner her and I took a trip over to the mall and tried on a few… can you guess? No? PROM DRESSES. I know, I know, I'm (dare I say it) old. LOL, okay not old, but definitely not attending prom this year. Just for the fun of it, we went and looked at all the gowns and tried on a few. Some of them were something else! Very few did I look at and say "Oh I like that one!" For some reason, the selection was not that great this year! Nonetheless, we had a ball just fooling around.

So, since we are talking about dresses here today, take a look at this outfit. Julia and I took these pictures a couple of weeks ago, just for kicks!

As you may have noticed, I have been on this European school girl fix lately. So that day I pulled out this adorable hunter green dress. It has a gorgeous embellished collar and I love the fit. It wasn't warm enough to just wear it alone (of course) so I paired it with my turtleneck underneath and black tights. I also wore my favorite Zara boots and chose my snakeskin and studded cross body.

For my make-up I kept it pretty simple and added a slight black winged eyeliner. My hair was very easy… just a high ponytail. Usually I wear my hair down for shoots so this is something different even though it's as simple as a ponytail. I think this look is very sleek and it could be worn on various occasions, from class to out to dinner.

Dress; Bloomingdales. Turtleneck; Forever21. Boots; Zara. Crossbody; Rachel Roy.

I hope you enjoyed this look!! I am going to try to bring some sunshine and warmth back to good ol' Boston when I return! 

Greyfully Yours,