Best For Fest

Happy Thursday to all!

I am so glad it is Blog Day; my favorite day of the week! Spring is finally here to stay folks and I am proud to say that I am introducing more and more colorful pieces to my wardrobe. I'm starting to pull away from my dark neutrals and I have begun to indulge in the thrill of color. I can't wait for you all to see what is in store in the coming weeks! The count down to my 50th post is on!

This week in the great land of Californ-i-a, is Coachella! For those who don't know, Coachella is a huge music festival that brings all different types of music and people together. It's like a giant weekend long cookout with tons of dancing and fun! All of the big celebs and models alike attend along with so many others! I hope one day I get to go experience all of it as well!

First off, I'd like you all to take a look at the video we shot for this! Enjoy!!

In honor of Coachella, I thought it would be appropriate to style an outfit that could be worn to it or any music festival type event! Since it isn't 75 and sunny here in Boston yet, I dressed a little warmer than you would if we were on the West Coast.

Jeans; Forever 21. Tunic; Brandy Melville. Boots; Zara. Necklace; Forever 21. Rings; No Rest For Bridget.

For this look I paired black cuffed skinny jeans with a black and white floral tunic. This tunic has such a cool edge to it. It is a deep V in the front with two crisscrosses. In the back it has the same feature but a little lower, which is so pretty! The sleeves are loose and come a little past the elbows and the length itself is pretty long. I tucked it in the front just to give a little shape to the outfit.

I paired my jeans with my all time faves; my Zara trafaluc boots. For those of you who are wondering when I'll stop wearing them, the answer is never. They are so cool and bring in this awesome masculine touch.

For my jewelry I chose these awesome gold rings. One is regularly sized and the second is smaller so that it acts as a "midi" ring. To go with those, one of my good friends, Cori (Hey girl what's up!), lent me this totally chic three chain necklace.

Now onto the hair! I started out just giving it a little spritz of sea salt spray and then wrapped random sections around my 3/4 of an inch curling barrel. That looked great when I was done, but it wasn't "Coachella" enough. I pulled it to the side and twisted it away from my face. I used lots of bobby pins on purpose and kept the rest of my hair on the other side. For my make-up, once again I kept it really simple and just dabbed on a little berry lip color.

What I love about this whole look is it's fitting for something such as a music festival, but also is something I would totally wear on an everyday basis. Although it only consists of a couple of pieces, they say a lot and I think it looks really pulled together!  Even if your style is totally opposite of indie, boho-chic, you can still bring in elements inspired by them!

I hope you enjoyed this look and tune back in next week for another special post!!

Greyfully Yours,