Carried Away

I'm sitting across the table in a restaurant on Newbury Street from a blonde haired, brown eyed fellow blogger named Sarabeth. The face behind "Manolos on Mass Ave" is oozing energy on that rainy morning we went for lunch; the first day I had met her. She has a certain aura, one that is lovable and genuine. As we are talking about several different things, fashion and style among them, I think to myself while sizing up her big hair, "This girl is like a real life Carrie Bradshaw…"If you are not familiar with the character from "Sex and the City" then you might want to do a google search. After I had told her this, she looked at me with a wide eyed look and replied, "So many people have told me that!" This statement doesn't strike me as a surprise nor does it come off as conceited because she doesn't seem to believe the words I have just told her. I quickly become inspired by the resemblance and imagine her dressed in fabulous outfits and fabulous shoes strutting down the streets of Boston.

 I blink and I'm watching her pose a couple months later, smiling at the camera with ease. She's giggling and having fun, being herself. "To me true confidence is internal, not external. A boy can tell you you're beautiful or your boss can tell you that you did a good job, but it's very important to love yourself," Sarabeth says.

We started out at Starbucks, to fuel up for the coming hours; fingers crossed while sipping our fancy drinks, we were praying that it wouldn't rain on our parade. As we came to a halt halfway across the Mass Ave. bridge, it didn't take long for all lenses to be on SB. With Boston behind her, she worked every angle. Her big hair whipped with every breath of the wind between funny faces she was making for the camera. "I get a lot of style inspiration from Cara Delevigne and Kourtney Kardashian. I also admire Anna Wintour." She finds it hard to choose her favorite designers, among the multitude, she name drops Alexander Wang. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of his collaboration with H&M coming out November 6th!

Between shoe changes, heels to flats and vice versa, she sits candidly among the rush of traffic. Cars are speeding by as she stands there elegantly, waiting for the click of Julia's camera. Being the one always in front of the camera myself, I am so excited to watch Sarabeth feel the same emotion I get. It's exhilarating, empowering and also a little nerve racking, but she handles it like a pro.

"I strive for the best. I have so much love for fashion, the people in my life, and the city. I want to be able to dedicate the best effort I can to the things that I love," SB tells me.

I asked her if she feels similar to Carrie in any way, "I've always felt connected to Carrie in small ways. I find that we both attribute a lot of significance to simple things. It's silly, but Carrie and I both mourn and celebrate the little things."

 I watch her celebrate the free ice cream (an example of the little things) she got from the ice cream truck as we finished up the shoot at the Boston Commons. I think over the whole day and how much fun we all had together. I loved styling her and doing her hair and make-up, giving her a Carrie-esque look. Julia had a blast with the photography, she even ran out of space on her memory card (a first for one of our shoots)!

"I have a stack almost taller than I am of Vogues back home, similar to Carrie. Of course we both express ourselves through our wardrobes." Despite how much Sarabeth has a killer resemblance to Carrie Bradshaw, Sarabeth is no one but her fabulous self and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Take a few minutes to watch the video from behind the scenes on our photo shoot with the lovely SB!

Also, make sure to check out her blog!!!! A huge thank you to both Sarabeth and Julia for they're dedication and talents!

Tune in next week to see what else is new on When Grey Skies Are You!

Greyfully Yours,