Fenced In

Good Afternoon All!

I am so excited for you all to see these pictures. Time and time again I am always amazed at what my photographer (and one of my best friends) Julia captures. She has insane talent and it's so fun going out and taking pictures with her. Alright, so this week isn't the pretty scenery in the sense that it's all flowers and such. I had this idea to do a more industrial shoot, so we took it to the streets and looked for really edgy, cool places to take pictures. Take a look!

So for this look I was feeling edgy. It was a beautiful day so I didn't need too many layers. I chose my favorite jeans and rolled them up a little to the ankles. I then chose to wear this dark purple and gray sparkle shirt. It is slightly cropped in the front and has this awesome tail in the back. I usually don't go for crop tops with regular rise jeans but since not too much skin was revealed I decided I would. To amp up the feel, I also chose my FAVORITE accessory, my coated denim jacket.

I also wore my favorite Zara boots and my snakeskin and stud cross-body bag by Rachel Roy. For jewelry I chose a very simple necklace with two bars, I love this piece!

When people ask me what my style is, I never really know what to say. I like a lot of things and it's hard for me to stay exclusive to one look. Sometimes I am down to wear a dress or a skirt, other times I just want to wear my favorite jacket and jeans. Versatility is important to have, keeping things different is too. I usually dress depending on my mood, so if you make me mad, get ready for an all black look.

Just because Spring is here doesn't mean you can't have a rocker vibe, toss the flower print sometimes and throw on some leather. It's great for a confidence booster.

For my hair and make-up, I kept it pretty simple and fitted to the look. I blow dried my hair and added some voluminizing and texturing spray. As for my make-up I used my Naked2 palette to create a slight smokey eye. I added my favorite berry lip color as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post! We had so much fun doing this one and we can't wait to do more like this!

Greyfully Yours,