True Colors

Hello Everyone!

There have been so many trends floating around this season that have really caught my eye! A couple of those trends will be shown in today's post! I love neutrals. Let me say it again, I LOVE neutrals. Most of my wardrobe is made up of them for whatever reason. Every time I go shopping I realize once again that I rarely buy color. Something about earth tones makes me very happy! Lately, I've been trying to bring some color into my life… and into my closet!

Since I usually don't "do" color, I try to incorporate it in small ways. Today's look features color, color and more color in the accessories. I began with a neutral base (surprised?) This shirt I found at the bottom of my sister's drawer and I was very pleased by the detailing on it. It not only is a great earth tone, but it has faux leather accents too. Then, I paired it with my all time favorite pair of boyfriend jeans. The light wash is great paired with this top and I love the distressed look of the jeans.

Now, let me present to you my new obsession… these shoes. They are amazing, I know. I love the shape, the color combo and the detailing. The black and brown make it the best of both worlds and go with so much. There is also something to be said for this ankle strap and gold plait on the side. It is so chic and if one was to look at any fashion magazine, they would see a similar look. The chic and and oh-so-sleek silhouette of the shoe offsets the relaxed feel of the shirt and jeans combo.

Some say, "Before you leave the house, always remove one accessory." Well, let me detest that. I dislike that mantra. It may look like I'm wearing my whole jewelry box, but these pieces were selected for very specific reasons. I have a combination of handmade and vintage bracelets on, loaded with color. I also have a leather arm band and two cuffs. As for around my neck, I layered different length necklaces to create a set that almost looked like it was one necklace instead of several. I loved how tribal I felt. A couple of my favorite pieces had to have been the gold bracelet with different colored stones on it, the leather arm band and the longest necklace.

As for my make-up, I pulled out some of the tones in the jewelry for the eyes and my lip was a raspberry glaze. My hair was wrapped around my curling barrel ever so lightly to give me that really relaxed wavy look. I think I'll try the color gig more often!

Thank you for reading and thank you to Molly Grey for the photography!! Make sure to watch the video!!

Greyfully Yours,