Gravity for Grace

Keeping life simple; easier said than done, am I right? Sometimes, I feel as though the world is against me and time is just not going to work in my favor. I am constantly trying to do multiple things at once. As I speak, I'm listening to music, texting friends, staring at my untidy room and trying to write this blog. Does that sound at all simple and uncluttered? Now, I'm turning down the Kanye and I'm playing classical music. Ah, I can think. I'm turning off my phone and focusing on my main task of being present with you all. Ah, I can feel. I'm forgetting the unpacked mess in the corner (sorry Mom). Ah, I can breathe.

Our world is caught up in so many things at once, that slowing down seems close to impossible. Everyday I work at CVS, I am slapped in the face with the notion. No, sir, I can't speed up the process of ringing you out so you can break open that pack of cigarettes and gum that you so desperately need. Or, I'm sorry, miss, no, we don't have any more car chargers for your iPhone 5S that is at 76% at the moment. These situations are constant, and no, although it may seem like it, I am not complaining. I am only stating facts and truth; statistics that I, myself play in to. Another CVS example; I've picked up on how desperate our generation, and even a few generations before us, are in order to do things quickly. Credit cards; man's gift to each other to speed things up and "simplify". Yet, no one our age actually signs their name, however, older people take their time in perfecting their signature. It seems as though this "rush" effect is a new found habit to get things done whether it's done right or not. 

I'm not saying, "Let's all slow it down and sign your full name on the keypad", that's just the tiniest of examples. I'm just simply pointing out how distracted our society has become. We are constantly trying to outdo ourselves before the time even comes. We HAVE to have the next thing. We HAVE to get through that light. We HAVE to go to that party. It becomes hard to distinguish what is important and what isn't. Oh, I'll call nana later. I'll go to church next week. I'll finish my homework when I get a moment. Get a moment from what? Isn't family the most important thing? The maintaining of one's faith? How about academics? 

I was reminded last weekend, when I was visiting my grandparents down the Cape with my best friend Katherine. I looked across the table and saw three important people in my life and I felt love. I looked out the window and I said a prayer. I felt peace. I slowed down for those moments and I enjoyed the simplicity of them. I forgot all about that pair of shoes I wanted and thought I needed. Because what I needed wasn't footwear, it was the raw and natural view of things. No filter necessary. Simplicity feels good. I'm making it my mission to try that on more often. 

In this post I am wearing a vintage creme dress from Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti. I am also wearing a creme slip underneath. This dress was a thrift shop treasure found by my friend Katherine! I was so grateful for her to let me wear it! Its absolutely gorgeous and the detailing is stunning. The material is also very lush. Since the theme was simplicity, I brought my gladiator sandals by Vince Camuto along but for most of this shoot I was barefoot. Another little detail in life that sometimes goes unnoticed is the feeling of sand beneath your feet. Katherine also let me borrow this beautifully simple diamond pendant. 

For my hair, I had blown it out the day before and spritzed it with my L'Oreal "Txt It" texturizing spray. Onto my make-up. I began with a very light layer of my Bobbi Brown foundation. Next, I used Benefit's Erase Paste to cover up any imperfections and under eye spots. Then, I tried out this amazing bronzer by Bare Minerals. In the shade "Warmth," this bronzer is amazing and so incredibly natural. For blush, I used MAC's "Warm Soul". As for my eyes, I washed Too Faced "Velvet Vevolver" over my lid. I then used a bronzer in my crease to warm up my eyes. I also used Clinique's "Strawberry Fudge" mini palette in my crease and the outer corner of my eyes. I used "Booty Call" from the Naked 2 palette from Urban Decay just below my brow as a highlight. Lastly I filled in my brows with Benefit's Gimme Brow gel and finished with two coats of mascara. 

Thank you to my friend Katherine for taking these beautiful photos and for all of her help in styling this ensemble! You are such a blessing, my girl! 

Don't be afraid to let go of the trivial matters in life. Enjoy what is around you and let yourself breathe. If you feel weighed down, lighten things up by giving into the simple things, I promise you'll smile more and feel better! Positivity and simplistic vibes are a flowin' here on WGSAY! Tune in next week to see what's next! 

Greyfully Yours,