Haute in the City

Hi Readers and welcome back this week!

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Alas, we are seeing summer start to peek it's little head up from behind spring. Days are getting hotter and the wardrobe of sweaters and pants are slowly being put away. In between work, I've been lucky enough to catch a couple of rays out by my pool and get my tan on. One of the best things is being out in the sun with your dog (or friend) and a nice cold drink! After the heat had cooled down a little bit, Molly and I got ready to go shoot and hopefully capture some of the day's beauty. Well, did we ever and I couldn't be more excited!

To match the temperature, I chose this cute dress. It says "Haute" on it with the city-scape printed in the letters. What I love most about this is the cut; the racerback is so sporty and flattering and accentuates the sun kissed shoulders! I paired that with this great oversized cardigan.

For my accessories, I chose this fabulous necklace. Similar styles have been shown everywhere, from Kylie Jenner to Dolce and Gabbana, the "coin" trend is so in. I love its versatility; it can be paired with a simple white t-shirt or something a little more risky like a printed blouse. Also, the option of having it act as a choker is down right rad. My shoes are another awesome part of this outfit and I love the gladiator-esque vibe.

Now, I am sure you are all wondering about this make-up. I know, it's a little out of the box but I couldn't help myself, I was very inspired. I loved the necklace so much and was inspired by make-up of the Native Americans. From there on, I did a little improv painting on my face. As a base, I created a very glow-y and bronzed up face. For my eyes I used a mixture of matte and shimmery natural eyeshadows. I lined the outer half of my lids with brown gel eyeliner and used two coats of mascara. I then dusted gold eye shadow on the inner corners of my eyes. For the "art work" this was really easy! I first began with white eyeliner and drew the design on my face. The white eyeliner acts as a pencil or a primer if you will. Then I chose the eyeshadow colors I wanted to use and layered them over the white. So simple and fun and it doesn't feel like you're wearing 5 pounds of make-up! My hair I left natural and parted it to the side!

Overall, I adore this look and it was so much fun to shoot!! We also created a set for the shoot. The white wicker room divider, red painted shudders and oriental rug were all finds by my mother! The mason jars we hung, the suitcase and chair are her's as well!

Again, a huge thank you to Molly for the photography, I love the way these came out! Hopefully this post motivates you all to go outside and have some fun in the sun! Whether it's trying out some cool tribal make-up or letting your hair go natural, do it and seize the day!

Dress; Forever21. Cardi;Brandy Melville. Necklace; Forever 21.  Shoes; BCBG.

Thank you so much for reading!!

Greyfully Yours,