50 Shades of Grey

Hello Everyone!

Today's post has two objectives. One, to show you my outfit! Two, is to tell you all a little about why I write and what my writing process is like. Last week, my friend Grace Cassidy, author of Falling From Grace, and one of my best friends tagged me in a "blog hop"! Basically, it's an awesome way to get other blogger friends and readers alike to explore new blogs and sites! Grace is one of the funniest people I know, if not the funniest, and her writing is phenomenal. To know Grace personally is one of the greatest gifts in my life. She is such a true friend and always knows how to turn a frown upside down. I urge everyone to read her blog AND check out her fabulous article that was just published for Elite Daily! Reading the things that she writes is like sitting in the same room and talking with her. She truly knows how to reach people and I am so inspired by her work.

Shirt; H&M. Pants; Gap. Sneakers; Nike.

For my outfit today I was vibing with the weather. It was raining out (more like pouring) and I just felt like shades of grey would be perfect for this post. Pun intended. I chose my favorite high-waisted jeans from the Gap and paired them with this super cute cropped athletic shirt from H&M. Going with the "athletic" trend I chose these sleek Nike Fusions. This outfit is perfect for out and about "running" errands or for a cool night with your friends! My hair, I pulled to one side with a braid and my make-up was very simple. I love how easy this was to wear and I also love that it looks chic.

   What am I working on/writing? 
My major is Communications and Journalism with a minor in Religious Studies. In high school, I discovered a love for writing. A love that was fiercely grateful for the way it would aid my mind. Writing helps me clear my head; it makes those thoughts that are all jumbled up, clear and it is the best therapy for me. This blog has become a big part of my life and somewhere down the road, I hope to go into fashion journalism. 

   How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

Not everyone's writing is the same. No two blogs are identical. The reason why we are all different in writing styles is because we are all individuals. For me, the writing means more when it comes from that deep place in my head. When the post is more than just about the clothes, those are the ones I cherish because those thoughts help me understand myself a little better. I think what makes my blog different from others in this genre is my creative angle on each post. I try to keep everything different and new, while staying true to what I am about. 

 How does my writing process work?
I get asked this question quite a lot and to be honest, there is no true formula. Every week, I search for inspiration, whether it's in the people in my life or through something like fashion photography. I follow a lot of fashion blogs and I read a lot of magazines. Typically, I do photo shoots with either Molly or Julia in the beginning of the week. Those usually take about two hours. Then I search for more of that inspiration to get a full picture of what my post could be about. I usually have the post ready for publishing by Wednesday nights. I find that my thoughts are better arranged in the evening, so that's generally when those writing tangents come out. 

   Why do I write what I do?
One of my goals in life is to make a difference in some way, big or small. I write for selfish reasons, but I also write for others. I hope that when someone reads my blog, that they are able to relate to me and can understand where I am coming from. To inspire someone through my writing would be one of my biggest accomplishments by far. With each week and post, I try to always incorporate a message and I really want to promote positivity in young girls. Whether it's on a positive body image or a confidence in saying what is on one's mind, I hope that is the fruit of my writing. 

Just as Grace tagged me, I am tagging two more bloggers! First, I would like to tag my friend Jacquelyn Beaulieu! Her blog is such a great little site that shows off her bright and fun style! Her colorful and daring style is definitely worth a look (and a read!) This girl is all about the risks and will make you want to try too! Check out Louboutin'd and Blonde 

Next is Sarabeth Haskell! Sarabeth goes to my school and we met last year! We have worked together previously too! I styled her as Carrie Bradshaw! To view that post, click here! Sarabeth has a passion for writing as well and she has some really inspiring things to say! Make sure to check out her blog, Manolos on Mass Ave.

Thank you all for reading! Happy Blogday Thursday!

Greyfully Yours,