Noir et Blanc

Happy Thursday everyone!!

Welcome back to When Grey Skies Are You! For the past few months I have been obsessed with french girl fashion. I love their attitude in the way they dress and the "I just threw this on but I look really chic" look. The messy hair, the big bushy eyebrows, the pouty lip... I love it all! So for this shoot I decided to incorporate some of that energy in my look! Make sure to check out the video to go along with this post!! Click here!

I believe that every girl needs a simple black pencil skirt and maybe I'm repeating myself by saying that, but the practicality and the elegance of it is an easy shot for success in style. This one is from Nordstrom and made by the brand Leith. One of the main reasons I love this skirt is because it is absolutely one of the most comfortable things to wear. I've taken a nap in this thing. The jersey material is layered twice so it's super comfy. Next, I chose this classic black and white striped shirt. I'm obsessed with stripes and they are definitely the epitome of french fashion. I tied it in a simple knot in the middle to create more of a shape to the top and to spice it up. 

To top off the outfit, I needed some accessories. I borrowed this really cute denim jacket from my mom. The buttons are clusters of rhinestones and I love the fit of the jacket. Since it just hits the waist, the cut is really flattering and isn't overpowering the other elements of the outfit. Also, having the knot in the center of the shirt also works with the jacket paired with it. Another accessory was this brown felt hat from the Gap. I love the simplicity of it and it just makes the outfit a little different! My shoes were a two tone ankle strap heel. 

Now, onto the make-up! I decided to create a winged eye and have a raspberry lip. I kept my face pretty simple with bronzer and just a little blush. Then, I used my thick brows to accentuate the look by filling them in to bring out the natural shape. I used a black liquid liner to create this winged out look and dabbed a little of my favorite Clinique lipstick in the shade "Rasberry Glaze" on the center of my lips. Oh la la! 

I love this look so much and I think it is very versatile for cool summer nights and going into the fall season! You can create a very stylish look with just a couple of simple pieces such as the skirt and striped shirt! Show off those curves, girl! I felt very feminine and elegant but strong! Next time you're looking for a new thing to try, pick out something you can make your own! 

Thank you everyone for reading!! Make sure to check out the video and to "like my Facebook page :) Photography was all done by Molly Grey! Also, a HUGE birthday shout out to her! She is turning 17 tomorrow! Without her this blog would not be possible and I am so thankful for her talent and for her smiling face :) Love you Molly Q!

Greyfully Yours,