Where The Wild Things Are

Welcome back everyone!

So many fabulous things are happening here on WGSAY so stay tuned for some really fun and exciting things in the coming weeks! Molly and I decided to head out to Wards Berry Farm in Sharon, MA this past weekend to try out her new camera! We picked some blueberries and went to the petting zoo! This day was so much fun! Make sure to check out the video to go along with this post on YouTube!

I wanted my outfit to be casual but have some glam elements for our afternoon at the farm. Recently, I purchased this super cute shirt from Zara! Their sale is still going on, so I suggest everyone go take a look at what they have! The leafy print makes it tropical and summery with the bright pops of color. One of the things I loved most was the boxy cut to the blouse. I then paired that with my boyfriend jeans. I have also paired this top with a skirt for work and some high waisted jeans too!

For my shoes, I wanted style and comfort. With my gladiator sandals I got both. They also just hit the ankle so the cuffed jeans don't hide them or make my leg look shorter than it is! I also chose a dark reddish brown belt to offset the chestnut of the shoe while still keeping it neutral. For the "glam" elements I chose this awesome gold coin necklace to add some real shimmer and playfulness. Another "find" was this velvet and gold embroidery clutch from Anthropologie. I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and it is great to use as another piece of pattern in your outfit or to pair with something very neutral so it stands out! The gold detailing almost looks like bees! Last but not least was my big cat eye sunglasses.

The day we were out taking pictures was pretty hot so I decided to do a "half up half down" look for my hair. I sectioned some hair off of either side and twisted each part back and pinned them down! Very easy and elegant! As for my make-up I wanted a bold lip. I kept my face matte and lightly contoured and used my brows and lips to be the focus. This color is "danger" by MAC. 

This outfit is great for things such as this, where you are outdoors and doing something fun or even for dinner on Friday night with your girlfriends! With a pair of boyfriend jeans, things can be kept ultra casual, but don't let them fool you! They can be dressed up too! I love them with a classic pair of black pumps. When buying the "boyfriend" jean, don't necessarily go by what everyone else is wearing, make sure you shop for your height and body type. For example, if you are petite, look for some that are very straight in the leg and have a slimmer fit. The last thing you want is to look like you are drowning in baggy jeans! If you are taller, find ones that sit on the hips comfortably and are fitted in the butt! This will help draw attention to your legs while wearing the trend. I suggest also thinking about possible outfits as you try pairs on. Don't buy a pair of jeans (of any style) that you can only wear with one thing! 

All photography done by Molly Grey

As always…
Greyfully Yours,