In Full Swing

Hello Everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram (@whengreyskiesru), then you have been seeing pictures of me at a 1920's party! This past weekend, my mom, my sister Molly and I took a trip up to Ipswich, MA. to visit the Crane's Estate for their throwback 1920's Lawn Party! We have been planning for this for about a month now and it was amazing. On a side note: I just celebrated the ONE YEAR anniversary of When Grey Skies Are You on Monday as well, so going to this party was the perfect way to celebrate! In order to be appropriately in the 20's mood, I needed the proper attire. Thanks to my friend Mayra Gonzalez from The House of Findings, I got to wear the perfect outfit. Seriously, The House of Findings has amazing vintage pieces. I tried on several things and all were awesome and so different. I ended up going with this gorgeous hand dyed, two-piece beaded ensemble.

This party was the throwback for the ages and the people that attended were all on theme. The property of the Estate was absolutely gorgeous. I was actually reminiscing of the book, "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald because the land was right on the water and reminded me of the two houses across the bay from each other in the story.

There were so many people dressed up and swing dancing, it really felt as if we had walked straight into the roaring 20's. Things like the "prohibition tent" and vintage clothing booths were all set up to add more to the theme. The Boston Swing Association was there to give lessons on the art of dance from that time period and watching them was incredible. My mom and I got out there and took a few spins around the dance floor too! After that, a gentlemen was kind enough to dance with me as well. LOL!

The attire was my favorite thing to look at. Some were dressed more casually than others, but some of the outfits were insanely creative. All of the men had on suspenders, hats, high socks and chaps. Women were dressed in drop waist dresses and layers of slips. My outfit was a very loose fitting top layered over the skirt to make it look as if it was one piece. The loose fitting look was totally "in" back then and I fit right in with my beaded look, thanks to The House of Findings. Mayra also lent me this great beaded bag that is also hand dyed like the outfit. All of these components were so glamorous and really made me feel like a vintage diva!! I paired the two-piece with T-strap heels.

Of course, I had to have similar hair and makeup from that era so I did some major research in that department. For my hair I created a loose up-do with curls. I also added this cute lace headband and white feathers to bring in more of the theme. This took a lot of time but I love how it came out!

Makeup in the 1920's was focused on eyes and lips. This was the emerging age of mascara and dark eyeshadow. It was also the time of bold lips and emphasizing their shape. Since I was going for the dressed up night time look, I created a smoky eye and wanted a bold lip as well. The mid to late 20's was the time of dark purple or magenta lips so I used this dark berry color. I love the shade with the beautiful blues in my outfit.

Taking pictures with Molly was so much fun because we were so surrounded by the theme that it was very easy to get into character and live in the 1920's for a day. We brought along a vintage camera and played a little croquet. This day was magical!

A HUGE thank you to Mayra and The House of Findings!! Everyone should check her stuff out at SoWa Market or check out her Facebook page Make sure to check out our video for this post on my YouTube channel! CLICK HERE

Thank you so much for reading and enjoying the gorgeous photography!! All credit goes to Molly Grey for her talent and awesome eye for the right shots!! Make sure to tune in next week for a reunion post with Julia!! 

Greyfully Yours,