Say It's Knot Love

Yesterday, I spent my hour of free time in Barnes and Nobles, flipping through all of the new "September Issues" of Marie Clair, InStyle, Elle and Harper's Bazaar. By some curse, they didn't have Vogue! I was so disappointed, but I left with five pounds of shiny paper bound bibles some like to call… magazines.

I love magazines. I love having something to hold and read as opposed to online. I know, what an ironic situation that I'm saying this over the web! Magazines are like my text books and my dictionaries. A lot of my inspiration drives from fashion photography and when I find something I really like, I like it with my whole heart. 

Make sure to watch the video to go along with this post featuring my new favorite boy band! 

Something else I LOVE? Fall! While it's too warm to go all out with the Autumn-wear, I can't help but try to think of transitional outfits. Dresses: one of the greatest things ever known to happen to women. Don't get me wrong, dresses have their own section in my closet, so I adore them just as much as the next chick, but there's something about them that I don't care for. I always feel like it's a disaster waiting to happen when the wind comes. The day Molly and I went to take pictures, I had that similar gut feeling that said to me; "Kathleen… maybe you should revisit the whole dress idea today." Alone, the dress is so cute and flirty. To make it more versatile and transitional, I decided to tug on my skinny fit boyfriend jeans from Good Ole H&M. Since the dress has a "tulip" effect in the front, I tucked one of the sides in.  

To add in those dark, rich colors of fall I added this leather belt, taupe booties and a neutral statement necklace. I decided that an up-do would help the eye focus on the outfit and the shape that this "wrap" dress gives! I also packed a punch with my ruby red lip. 

Many wouldn't think to turn this dress into a blouse-y tunic, but it's a great alternative to the wind picking up your dress in the wrong way! I also am a big lover of polka dots so this outfit is fun and perfect for me! Think outside the box this coming fall and become your own designer! It's like playing dress up all over again :)

Greyfully Yours,