Incredibly Bazaar

I can hear my heart beating in my ears. I think to myself, "I've never done this before; not in front of this many people." I look down and see someone tugging at my sleeves of my jacket and adjusting my belt, everything has to be perfect for what is to come. I'm smiling because I don't really know what this emotion is and yet, I'm just really happy to be here.

It had already been such a long day and it wasn't even noon yet! We were in hair and makeup at the Petengill Farm Vintage Bazaar in Salisbury, MA. for 9 A.M. and despite our tiredness, we were all excited. Seventeen girls, or *ahem* models, were here to walk in The House of Findings fashion show. The theme was western with a touch of rock 'n roll. Each of us were all different from the start, all heights and sizes. Suddenly, as we began to get ready in our garb, we began to look like one. Bolo ties, cowgirl hats, wool sweaters and petticoats were all elements in the outfits. As I stepped back to look at the hustle and bustle of everything under the white tent, I couldn't help but appreciate the talent of Mayra, founder and art director of The House of Findings. All of these vintage outfits fit the personality of each girl and even though no two were the same, the sequence flowed seamlessly.

As I got my lipstick and hair touched up, I repeated over and over the walk and the turns I had to do. Jeez, I didn't know it was so hard being a model. Was it walk, turn, walk or was it turn, walk, turn? I figured at that point I would just wing it and have fun. 

Nicole stepped out next. Oh gosh, I was on deck. "Calm the nerves Kathleen… calm the nerves." I was so excited and nervous, but I wasn't wearing heels so I couldn't possibly fall, right? I heaved a last big breath and stepped out, this was it. Wow, this was FUN. I loved walking down the "runway." I was so happy to see so many people, especially my mom, my sister Molly and my best friend Julia. Molly and Julia were taking pictures for the whole event so I made sure to give them a pose, along with the other photographers there. Who knew something so simple could be so exhilarating? 

I loved my outfit. I was dressed in jodhpurs, also known as riding pants, a silk blouse with pheasants on it and a gorgeous menswear blazer. Mayra and I spiced up the ensemble with this fabulous black belt with gold detailing and tassel. We also paired that with a matching bolo tie, red riding gloves for the pocket of the sports jacket, a fun colored riding helmet and black riding boots. This outfit was totally on target for fall style and I loved the menswear inspiration. To make this outfit more current, one could pair the jacket with jeans or the shirt with a great black skirt. My love for vintage will never die and this fashion show gave me some amazing ideas for dressing this season.

Check out these amazing shots of some of my favorite looks! 

This day was so gorgeous and filled with fun! My favorite part? The final walk of all of the girls, including the beautiful Mayra! Thank you to The House of Findings, which can be found at SoWa Open Market on Sundays! Also, make sure to check out her Facebook page, HERE!

Last but not least, a HUGE thank you to Julia Paige Design and Photography and Molly Quinn Photography. Both of you are amazing and so talented. It was a blessing to work with the both of you at the same time and I am so impressed with your work! 

 As always,
Greyfully Yours,