Smooth Transitions

Fall: a romantic time of year where the air, the leaves and the length of the day all link up to change together

It's my favorite time of year for more reasons than one. One being, there is so much that changes all at the same time, seamlessly. Yet, no two autumns have been the same. Each leaf is a different color and a different shade and when they fall, they do so ever so gracefully.

Just last week I was wearing shorts because it was that hot and humid outside. This week I can layer up a little bit and get away with wearing a sweater. I chose to wear this mustard yellow printed dress from Ann Taylor Loft. To go with the black detailing, I paired the dress with my black booties with cut outs from Zara. I also layered socks underneath them. Next, I chose to bring my favorite jacket to add in that edge. Lastly, for a pop of color I brought this great red leather bag from Coach. 

Not only do I love the fall season, I love the clothes and the style that comes with it. Get ready for layering and lots of color this coming season. Start by mixing in the dark hues and soon enough you will need those layers.

Make sure to check out the video to go along with this post as me and Julia take a stroll around the Public Gardens in Boston!! 

Greyfully Yours,