Something Blue

"You can call me the Colonel," he said as he leaned his head against the window of the train, smiling out at the buildings rushing past us.

My newly made friend, the Colonel, was wearing a blue World War II hat and told me proudly that he was 88 years old. We talked for only a short time, but in that time I learned so much about him and about myself. His eyes were really kind and the message he had for me was even kinder. 

He looked at me and said so confidently, "Do not compromise your thoughts, your being or your spirit for anyone." My smile was huge when he said this to me and for whatever reason I haven't stopped thinking about those words. 

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As we hopped off of the train together, I waited on the platform for him to say something else for my heart to hold on to. He didn't, but he didn't have to. What he had said before had meant so much to me. As I was replaying that same sentiment, he readjusted his cap, blew me a kiss and said, "I'll see you soon, my friend." 

Greyfully Yours,