Boston Fashion Week

Hello Everyone!

We are amidst Boston Fashion Week celebrating 20 years! I have had the opportunity to go to two shows this year and both have been super fun. Last Thursday, to kick off the celebration, Julia and I headed over to The Liberty Hotel for the Fashionably Late show starring my good friend Mayra and The House of Findings! Mayra and I worked together on styling part of this show so I was very excited in seeing how it would all come out. The theme was "Global Citizens" and it drew inspiration from all different cultures from around the world. I loved the textures, patterns and shapes of the outfits. Once again, Mayra is so talented and everyone should check her out at SoWa Open Market in the South End of Boston on Sundays! For more information, check out her Facebook page HERE!!

Check out some of the looks from "Global Citizens"!

I decided to dress on theme for the show as well! I wore my black pencil skirt and a mens tuxedo shirt. Lastly, to bring in the "global" element, I threw on this Aztec printed poncho and belted it to give more of a look at the shape of the outfit. 

Charlie Castro Photography
Charlie Castro Photography

Next event we went to was with HerCampus for College Fashion Week and we had SO much fun!! If you don't know what HerCampus is, check out their website HERE! The show was held at The Estate on Boylston Street in Boston and several hundred people were in attendance. Not only were we pumped for the fashion show, we were also excited for the pre-show and spending time with the generous sponsors such as TREsemme and Bare Minerals! The clothes were from Boohoo boutique and the trends that they displayed were super cute and fun for this season! My favorite part was the "Wilderness" scene and I loved the sweaters for fall. 

This event was such a fun girls night complete with hair-do's by TREsemme and make up looks by Bare Minerals! Julia and I ran into a couple of blogger friends and even made some new ones!

Last, but not least, I want to talk about this gorgeous dress I'm wearing!! This dress was made by my friend Erin Robertson. She is currently a senior at Massachusetts College of Art and she is so incredibly talented. This was not only her first ever creation (out of the several that she's done since then) but it is also hand dyed! The color is beautiful and the fit was great. I added an edgy vibe with this leather jacket and velvet clutch from Anthropologie. I also wore my Zara cut-out booties!
Follow Erin on Instagram @an_erin for more of a look into her textile design world!

This week has been so much fun and I can't wait for you all to see what comes next!!
Check back in with me next week :) 

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