S Is For Short N' Sweet

"A woman who is about to cut her hair, is about to change her life." Sentiments such as these always sound better in the voice of Coco Chanel, the epitome of elegance and the ultimate woman. 

From class projects to watching documentaries OnDemand, I've done my research on Coco. The story of her life is a great one at that and I recommend that all of you do some research on her too. From first glance, I'm sure no one would guess the journey she went on to become the household name that she is today. Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel wasn't just a designer, she was a powerful and independent woman who wanted change. She wore her hair short and transformed the art of dress for women around the world. From her hat shop to the genius use of jersey fabric to create comfortable garments, she never stopped amazing everyone. At the time, for her to take risks with her business like these was very unheard of, but it sparked a fire and to wear Chanel meant a lot more than the label. 

Jacket; Tahari. Sweater; Kohl's. 

I was reminded of her fearless attitude when I was looking up hairstyles this past weekend. To let go of hair is a very big deal to some girls. The last time I went to get my hair cut (not just trimmed) I left fourteen inches behind at the salon. This time around, I didn't have that much hair to cut, but I still wanted a change. Six inches later, I had an angled long bob (lob for short, pun intended). I forgot the way it feels to style short hair and I definitely forgot what wind on the back of my neck felt like. 

Change is so good and it really makes you feel reinvigorated. Especially when it's a new "look" you are trying on. Of course, I had fun with my long hair, but I wanted that pep in my step and a dash of sass for this coming season. I swear, this haircut makes every ensemble look just a little bit better. 

Toss it to the left and toss it to the right. Let the wind pick it up and go for a dance in the cool air. Or tie it up, bundled close to your head. There are so many ways to enjoy change. If you aren't ready to go chop chop or even snip snip, change up your order at Starbucks or go the long way home. Give different things a chance. If everyone had turned away from Coco when she introduced the new fashions, I doubt the definition of elegance would be the same. 

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