One of the most valuable things a girl can have is a good friend.

Our friendship started the summer before freshman year of college. I followed this girl, Grace, on Twitter who was so funny that my sides hurt just from reading her tweets. I could only imagine what it would be like to be around her in person. Soon enough the first day of college had come and finally, I had the opportunity to meet the legendary Grace. It didn't take long for us to become friends and now the friendship is here for a lifetime.

At the end of our freshman year, Grace had decided to transfer to American University. I was sad to know that some things were going to change, like seeing her everyday, but I was so incredibly happy for her. A year later and a few months, we met again in Boston.

Nothing had changed after all. We picked up right where we left off together, cackling away at the jokes we made with each other and reminiscing on those "younger" days. Since she transferred, Grace and I have kept in close contact, updating each other on whatever is going on in our lives. She has been such a great outlet of support and inspiration and I am so thankful for the friendship we have forged even with the distance between us. 

Friendship is invaluable and can really be the best form of medicine. Grace and I share a lot of common interests, and since I know she's reading this as well, Bonita Applebum, nice to meetcha. Among her many talents, she is an amazing writer (and blogger), photographer and artist! I encourage you all to take a look into who Grace is by reading her blog, checking out her Flickr and "like" her Facebook page. Try and keep up with her, I promise you're going to want to.

A huge thank you to Grace Cassidy for all of the photography. More importantly, thank you for reminding me of the beautiful things in life, always.

Greyfully Yours,