With a New Year comes a new start and a fresh set of footprints in the path of the year that has just begun. Then, there are those certain things that have walked with you for as long as you can remember and you know that with every "new" year, they will be right there beside you. 



A sister is so many things and there are only so many words that can graze upon the definition and capture the real meaning. I have been blessed with two younger sisters, Molly and Grace. 

They both are so different from one another in the most beautiful ways. Molly is kind and patient, always ready to help in some way. Grace is a true friend and knows how to make you laugh while telling you like it is. I couldn't ask for a greater gift in my life. These girls have superpowers I swear and make me so happy!

Without their smiles, I don't know what I would do. Some things just can't be replaced or taken away; a sister isn't temporary, a sister is forever. 

Here's to an exciting year ahead with these two! Happy New Year everyone, 2015 is going to be fabulous I can feel it!

Greyfully Yours,