Ciao, Bella!

Today, I embark on what I feel will be the greatest time of my life. 
Some may say, "How do you know? How can you be sure?" I decided that this year for my 2015 resolutions, I wasn't going to aim hopelessly or leave them empty. Among them, I will put my best foot forward everyday, carrying as much positivity as I can, with a full heart in faith and ambition by my side. Today, I depart to study abroad in Florence, Italy this semester. 

Cashmere sweater; Love and Liberty. Vegan leather leggings; MinkPink. Jacket; Lavender Brown. Backpack; Clutch. Hat; 525 America. All of these items featured in this post are found at KuDeTa! The boots are mine and they are Report.

As much as I am excited for this trip, I can't help but be a tiny bit nervous. This is something I have never done before and I have never been away from home or rather, been away from the life that I know here for an extended amount of time. With that, I have been dreaming of all of the possibilities that this opportunity will bring. I can't wait for you all to follow along with me through the blog, my Instagram and the Facebook page! 

Chambray shirt; Bella Dahl. Leather track pants; Mother. Two-toned sweater; Left on Houston. Bag; 2 Chic.

So along with my emotions pouring out today, there is certainly some fashion. I always see these gorgeous celebrities jet setting across the country or across the world and as soon as they hop off the plane, they look so cute! How do they do it?! In the past, I've rolled off the plane, looking haggard and messy. My ears hurt, my shoes are untied and my hair is a complete mess. Well, today that changes for me!
 I teamed up with local Boston boutique KuDeTa to bring you all some "travel fashion". 

I think the main thing for traveling is remaining comfortable. Even though sometimes beauty is pain, no one wants to be in agony some thousands of miles up in the air. Comprende? Do you understand? The goal was to style chic yet comfy ensembles for such occasions. I love leggings, soft shirts and leather. I would wear all of that on a regular day, so why not as I am traveling? You also want to include layers because airports can be chilly and the worst thing that could happen is you use that fluffy scarf as a blanket on the plane! As much as a long day spent in an airplane can be tiresome, you can still pull off a cute look to make yourself feel better!

All of these things I found at KuDeTa in Chestnut Hill, MA! Seriously, this boutique has some of the cutest things from spunky bags, flirty dresses, to this ADORABLE pom-pom hat (which by the way is on SALE as we speak!) Check them out! Go to or find their locations in South Boston or Chestnut Hill! Stay tuned for more with them! 

All photos are done by the fabulous Julia Paige Design and Photography.

Part of the resolutions I have made are in response to the gratitude, awe and love that I have been overwhelmed with recently. I am one of the luckiest girls in the world to have what I have in my life. As I look back at just the past few weeks, some amazing moments come to mind. 

First, would be spending time with my friends and roommates at school in Boston. It was so nice to be back, even just for a night, to be hugged by them and surrounded by them. 
Second is probably a moment I had with my dog, Owen. I went downstairs late one night to grab a juice box (I'm not 5, I swear) and I looked over the gate and saw him sleeping there on his bed. I crept over the barrier and went to sit down next to him. Of course, he woke up as soon as I got near him, but when I sat down he just rested his little head on my leg and fell asleep again. 
Third would be the blessing of hearing my grandparents tell me they love me. 

In this life, each day is so important, no matter how "uneventful" it may be. As I prepare for my trip, these are the things I will be boarding that plane with. I am eternally appreciative of everyone that supports me day in and day out. Thank you to my family, friends and anyone else who has traveled with me since day one. In particular, I want to thank two really important blondes, Molly Grey and Julia Paige, my photographers and two of the most important people in my life! Without you both and your love, I would be lost and without your view of the world through each of your lenses, my life would be completely different. I also want to thank my new friends (and blogger buddies) Hayley, Nicole and Jacqueline for reminding me all of the time why I blog, the beauty in my passions and for being inspiring women. 
I can't say thank you enough to my parents and my grandparents for making this semester abroad possible. You are my inspiration, my light and the reason I am confident that there is a beautiful God. 

So let's adventure together on this amazing journey! I can't wait for you all to see the best that is yet to come. 

Greyfully Yours,