My Cup of Tea

Talent will get you in the door, but character will keep you in the room. 

Social media can work in amazing ways. Recently, I (finally) met someone I have followed on Instagram for quite sometime. I discovered Jacqueline Guelli through a mutual friend of ours (Hi Elisa!) and I began to follow Jacqueline (@jacguelli) because I saw she was a makeup artist, she had great style and she seemed like a really fun person. So of course I did what any creeper did and followed someone I didn't know.

The short story is, I can tell Jacqueline and I will be friends for a long time. In life, there are so many people that walk in and walk out for whatever reasons. Only the special ones, only the ones who make you the best version of yourself should stay. Both Jac and I have similar passions and are really driven. Since meeting each other, she has even started her own blog! I am so happy that she did so and that she has discovered a new love through writing and blogging. Please check her out HERE! Her words are honest and in reading her blog, you can tell she really cares and wants to connect with people through doing the things that she loves most.

Not only is Jacqueline a talented makeup artist in the local Boston area, she is also talented in styling and works with menswear company J.Hillburn styling men all over town and helping them define their style. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, drinking tea (chamomile to be exact) and enjoying the small things like her Saturday meditations. Being talented is one thing, but something I have learned by being in the fashion industry thus far and even more than that, being in this world in today's society, it takes a kind, driven, personable and honest person to truly become successful. All of those things I have seen in Jacqueline in such a short time. I know, I am bragging about her and probably even embarrassing her a little bit, but she deserves the recognition, trust me! You can also view her portfolio on her blog as well!

On me: Coat; Ann Taylor. Shirt; Zara. Jeans; J.Crew. Boots; Report. Scarf; H&M. Gloves; BCBGeneration.
On Jac: Shirt; Uniqlo. Jeans; American Eagle. Cape; EShakti. Shoes; Fido. Scarf; Brandy Melville. Puffy Coat; Uniqlo. Hat; Forever21. Bracelets; BCBGeneration and Cartier. Watch; Coach. Sunglasses; RayBan.

For this shoot, she did the makeup and I put together the outfits. Jacqueline's style is simple and clean with a hint of effortless. It wasn't hard to put her into something great and to compliment her style as well. For her outfit, she wore a thermal long sleeve shirt with classic dark wash jeans. Then to spice things up, I chose this amazing cape. Looking at it, it may look complicated, but truthfully it isn't! It just has a little loop to slip one side into to create the shape. I absolutely love this piece on her and the understated chevron pattern really makes a great simple outfit a bit more fun! We also added the hat and her taupe booties to step away from the classic era and move closer to the bohemian undertones. A great watch, fun bracelets, sunglasses and an oversized scarf really pulled this entire look together! 

For my outfit, I also wanted to stay warm, classic and simple. I wore my light wash high rise jeans with a long sleeve shirt as the base so I could accessorize with just about anything. It was insanely cold this day so I wore a similar thick scarf to Jacqueline's and my mom's vintage camel brown wrap coat. The statement necklace, booties and "keep calm" gloves were the little fun touches!

I love both of our looks and I think we coordinated really nicely! We had so much fun doing this together and with my talented sister, Molly Grey, taking the pictures! Even though it was cold and windy, our love for fashion pulled us through. If you are looking for someone to do your makeup for an event, wedding, you need your closet cleaned out, organized etc. Jacqueline would be an amazing person to get into contact with for all of the above! She is trained in makeup artistry and esthetics and her work is very credible. Not to mention if there are any guys out there reading this, or ladies if your man needs a little "direction" in the style department, Jacqueline knows what's up. If you are interested in contacting her, you can reach her at for all business inquiries. 

A huge thank you to Jacqueline Guelli for all of the makeup in this post and the donation of her talent! I also want to thank Molly Quinn Photography for the amazing photos and catching those candid moments. Both of these women are so talented and even greater people. 

Thank you for reading and admiring the beautiful pictures!!
Tune in next week for some traveling fashion and where my home for the next four months will be!!

Greyfully Yours,