The Blogger and The Hair

Little things can always make a big difference.

If you follow me on Instagram (@whengreyskiesRU), you may have seen my excited posts on my experience with Salon Capri. 
As I stepped into the clean, glossy chic and hip salon in Dedham, Massachusetts, I was warmly greeted by the receptionists. Often a huge component in the level of satisfaction with a "salon experience" is how you are treated from the time you step through the door, until the time you let go of the handle of that same door on your way out. At Salon Capri, they made me feel at home and pampered and with that, my experience was nothing but sweet.

My hair stylist Vanna knew exactly what I wanted when I sat down in the chair. I believe my phrasing was, "I kinda want those flippy things at the ends…" She created soft waves with curled ends using her round brush and worked her magic. 

Vanna and I!

Not only was I impressed with Vanna, I was also impressed at the diversity in the salon. No two stylists were the same and they all had their own style. Curly hair, straight, up and to the side were styles I saw walking back and forth to clients. Maybe that isn't something that jumps out to everyone, but for me, it was really nice to see that. One's relationship with their stylist is important and one of the first steps is trust! The staff was genuine and skilled and really made me want to go back! Also, for the skill and service you get with your experience, the prices are reasonable and won't break the bank!

Legacy Place in Dedham isn't Salon Capri's only location either! Ladies and gentlemen, that means you can pick what is convenient for you! The family business was started in Hyde Park, the original Salon Capri. As their client base grew, SC moved to Newton, then Dedham and is also on Newbury Street in Boston. Each one is it's own getaway; maybe not the Island of Capri, but pretty darn close. Nick, one of the owners, and I spoke at the end of my experience and I was amazed at the story of how Salon Capri came to be! They will be celebrating 50 years of styling next year! His mom is also still a stylist; which tells you how dedicated and passionate this family is to their work and to their clients. I have nothing but great things to say about both my experience and about Salon Capri! 

I recommend everyone try it sometime if you are in the area! Call the location best for you to make an appointment or with any inquiries. 

Boston: (617) 236-0020 
Dedham: (781) 320-0900
Newton: (617) 969-1970

Thank you for reading and make sure to tune in next week!

Greyfully Yours,