Neutral Zone

Don’t force it. Don’t force fashion, don’t force love, and don’t force yourself to eat something you don’t like.




Ann Taylor (Vintage).






Banana Republic.

Living in Italy for just a month has taught me a little something about not forcing things, unless it’s bartering in the markets; get your deal girlfriend. People here I have noticed, like to take their time and they certainly don’t like to be rushed. Things are less exaggerated and they do what they want, they wear what they want and most importantly, they eat what they want. I really like that vibe.

I love wearing fun things and usually for me, even the neutrals are fun. In the last couple of years, my skin has changed and become a nuisance sometimes.

This is not fun.

Having to struggle with getting clear skin interferes with what I wear, how I do my makeup and if it’s bad enough, it interferes with my confidence. I am sure other people feel the exact same way. So that is why three months ago, I decided to partner up with Proactiv skin care, through the Her Campus Blogger Network, to see if I could make any progress using their products. Finally I believe I have reached a goal where I appreciated my skin.

As most of you already know, I blogged about this around Christmas time, make sure to check out that post if you haven’t already. Upon completing my three-month trial, I am really happy with the change in my skin. I noticed that having a really structured routine is your best bet to achieving results you want. I really recommend the Proactiv Spot treatment and the moisturizer. I did notice dryness in my skin when I first started using the products, but once I got my skin accustomed, the dryness went away.

I’m really pleased that I gave Proactiv a try, as I regained that last confident piece to my outfit; not being ashamed of my skin. Once you reach a goal and you find what works for you and your skin, stick to it. You’re more likely to leave the makeup on your dresser, or maybe not wear as much as before, not worrying about what people see. Check them out at

 Thank you to Proactiv for helping me wash away that worry! Who else has used their products?? I want to hear your story! #proactivworks

I have such a fun weekend ahead here in Italy. Psst… can anyone say… Milan Fashion Week? Check back next week to see what that hint is all about.

Greyfully Yours,