Pink Pant(her)

I have found the fountain of youth... and boy, is it grand. 



 Pants and Jacket;







Kate Spade.

For centuries now, man and woman alike, have been looking for said "Fountain of Youth." I have always wondered if there was truly a structure holding the anti-aging elixir, but I don't think there is such a thing. I apologize if I just burst your bubble.

So, what is it that I discovered? If not the long pined after fountain, then


did I find that was comparable? Nothing physical, really. All of the best things come when you aren't looking for it. I just happened to stumble upon a dusty, tired, "grey" part of myself. I am always "going." I am always doing something. Studying, working, planning, strategizing, blogging, etc. are interchangeable parts of my cycle. Sometimes, all of those happen in one day. I know, there could be worse things, but without realizing it, you get in a nasty habit of



it. I am really proud of what I do, yet it never hurts to remind myself of


I am doing it. Someone call Nike and let them know they are sending mixed signals. 

I rode the carousel the other day in Piazza Strozzi here in Florence and I felt like I was five years old again. I had on bright pink pants and I felt like I was ten, just dressed a little better. I was laughing, I was carefree, I was in the moment. This accidental recipe gave me a breathe of fresh air. Maybe it was the pants, maybe it was the side of the bed I woke up on, whatever it was, it was


Those things I am so used to doing everyday, all week long, seem so much more enjoyable. They say, "If you see it in your closet, you're more likely to wear it." Well, here comes my formula for the "fountain." Not only do I hold this statement to be true (hang as much of your clothing up in your closet) in the literal sense, but I believe it carries over. All of those "chores" and "to-do's" you find yourself staring at sometimes? Keep those on your shelf or hanging in your closet. Keep them up there with fun, laughter, sunshine, relaxation and whatever else makes you feel young. If you see it, you will try it on.

For this outfit, I wanted bright and fun. Looking towards Spring, color (especially pastels) are really on trend. These pink pants were a style steal from Zara for only $10! I paired those with a J.Crew printed tee with cute flamingos on it. I added my leather jacket and felt hat and chose my Nike sneakers to keep things casual and youthful. They were also great because Florence is definitely a walking city. 

So in reality, there is no "fountain of youth," but maybe you can build your own.