A Different Light: Spring Begins

Hello WGSAY!!!

This weeks post is going to be written by me, Molly, otherwise know as Kathleen’s sister, and photographer. If you haven’t heard already, Kathleen is enjoying wonderful Greece for her spring break. What a life! Being abroad in Florence comes with so many great opportunities.

In last weeks post Kathleen mentioned it being springtime in Florence. I don’t know about you but I was definitely jealous. After I finished reading I exited the tab and walked into the kitchen to the familiar sight of my mom cutting down a bunch of tulips and putting them into a vase, I was immediately inspired.

I went and got my camera and by the time I came back my mom had already put the flowers on the living room table.

I've always felt like I see things differently than others. I focus in on 

the most important details, just like I do when I take a photograph.

I see things in a 

different light 

and it 


me to share that same light with others.

As spring begins it brings many things with it.

Growth, light, hope, warmth, positivity, opportunity,

and inspiration are what I think of when I know spring is near.

In alot of ways my inspiration is shown through my art. 

The same theme of seeing things in a different light is always 

a huge component towards my final composition.  

Recently a piece of mine was exhibited locally! 

Then & Forever More -Bloom-

"Think where man's glory most begins and ends and say my glory was 'I had such friends'"

-William Butler Yeats

Stay tuned for next weeks post!! Hopefully it involves all the amazing

 things Kathleen had experienced while staying in Greece!


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